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Shake-a-Phrase appShake-a-Phrase app By Artgig Studio

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Shake-a-Phrase is a best app because it gives children inspiration to start writing, plus quizzes them on verbs, nouns and adjectives.

Although, we are recommending this on a kids app site, this app is equally useful for anyone needing a little nudge to get over writers block.

On a practical and educational level, Shake-a-Phrase helps children with writing ideas and in demonstrating what we call “super sentences” at our local school. “Super sentences” help kids move from “The ball is red.” to sentences that are more descriptive like “The red ball bounced crazily across the soft, green grass before landing at the foot of a 3 legged armadillo called Marty.” This is a big and critical step for elementary school children – and isn’t easy. Another feature of Shake-a-Phrase is Quiz Me which allows children to identify parts of sentences such as verbs, nouns and adjectives.

Obviously, since the content is generated automatically, you don’t always get the best examples to get you started, but don’t worry about that – just shake again.

Shake-a-Phrase has different themes and I would like to see more, plus you can save your favorite story starters and silly sentences to use later.

Overall, this is a good educational tool for kids and a silly story starter all in one. I would recommend it for kids aged 6 and up.



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