Free App Friday – Sep 27, 2013



Welcome to another fabulous Free App Friday! We’ll update the post throughout the day, so don’t forget to come back – some apps stay free all weekend.

So go and download some apps, and always remember to leave us and the developers a note if you like what you download.



Leave a comment and tell us your favorite free app from today for a chance to win an App Store Gift Certificate. Winner will be announced on Monday. US residents only.[/box]
Newly added free apps are listed first

Free App Friday – Fun & Game Apps for Kids

Free App Friday – Educational Apps for Kids

About Free App Friday

The apps on Free App Friday are free at the time we publish, but sometimes they turn paid throughout the day. We try to remove apps that become paid again ON Friday, but just remember that the App Store price is always the price you will be charged.

Also, unlike other apps on the site, we do not review or screen Free App Friday apps, so PLEASE check the app out before you hand them off to your children.

When you download a free app, you get the updates free even when the app turns to paid. If you delete the app, you can redownload the app for free. App store policies may change, but this is correct as of this date.[/box]


  1. Petit Ours Blanc says:

    Hi. My favorite app this friday was Numbers Memory Match! (Numbers and Counting Game for Kid)=> it’s great for number identification and counting skills!

  2. Wassi Chamsy Homeschooling says:

    Hi! My favorite app this friday was Hello Teddy vol5! I love the pictures and colors !(I’m ok with US codes ^^)

  3. I enjoy the Josh and Emma go to the Beach app. I also enjoyed the abacus one.

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