Priority Review Service

Priority Reviews are reviewed within 14 days and costs $50. The Priority Review service does not guarantee a positive review or that your app will be featured on the site. The Priority Review service just ensures that your app is at the top of our list of apps to review and will be reviewed in 14 days from payment. However, if your app gets a rating of 4 or more stars from our reviewers it will be featured on the website. If your app is not selected for review on the site, you will get a partial refund of $25.

While the basic service doesn’t change, we will give a partial refund if a developer pays for our Priority Review Service, but doesn’t make the site for whatever reason. While the developer will no longer get feedback about the app, they will be able to resubmit for Priority Review Service when their app is improved, or they can sign up for our new App Analysis Service.


    • ONLY THE BEST APPS – We do not publish a review for any app that is rated less than 4 stars by our reviewers
    • NO SOCIAL MEDIA FOR KIDS – We do not publish reviews where social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) is easily accessible to children under 12 years old (for example, on the home screen or within regular game play of the app.) We do not issue refunds if your app includes these types of social media links.
    • NO ADS – We do not review apps with ads, except when you are promoting your own apps in a way that is targeted to parents and not in regular game play. Over promoting your other apps may reduce your rating.
    • BE CAREFUL WITH IN-APP PURCHASES AND LINKS – Special attention is paid to in-app purchases, and external links, including these may reduce your app rating.

Upon submitting this form, your name will be added to our developer email list. You can unsubscribe at any time, but if you do not want to be contacted via email DO NOT fill out this form.

Submit your app for Priority Review

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  • Price: $50.00
    Select the option for the current price of your app. This payment is instead of providing promo codes or gifting the app. NOTE: Apps over $5.99 will be invoiced separately
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