Bongo’s Montessori Spelling Adventure with Phonics Alphabet PRO for Teachers


Bongo’s Montessori Spelling Adventure with Phonics Alphabet PRO for Teachers provides interactive spelling practice with phonetically regular words in any of six categories.

Avokiddo ABC Ride


Avokiddo ABC Ride is a delightful app that will guide young learners through important alphabet skills essential to learning to read. The app covers alphabetical order, beginning letter sounds, letter matching and more.

Monster ABC


Monster ABC provides practice with matching beginning sounds of words to letters. Players must spin wheels to place the correct letter next to the picture of a word that begins with the corresponding sound.

Gappy Learns Writing


Gappy Learns Writing is a high quality app for early learners to practice writing and tracing their letters and have fun while they learn.

Jamaroos Musical ABCs


Jamaroos Musical ABCs is an outstanding early learning app with fun music and vocabulary words that children will love. Great content and great value!

Alph and Betty’s Topsy Turvy World


Join Alph and Betty as they find themselves in their quirky and fun world with a ton of awesome games and educational activities to explore.

Spellyfish Phonics- Short I Words


Spellyfish Short I Words is an awesome educational app that uses a variety of lessons to teach children how to spell in fun under water environment.

Exotic Pet Puzzler


Exotic Pet Puzzler is a creative educational app that will teach children how to write their letters, work on their alphabet, and spell through a variety of fun activities.

City Letters


City Letters is a great app for preschoolers as it teaches a variety of early learning skills in reading, writing, and spelling in a fun and easy to use learning environment.

Happi & The Pirates


For the pirate lover in your home, this app helps children practice their spelling, math, and reasoning skills in a fun way.

Imagination Box

imagination box

A great creative free play app that allows children to draw, color, and create whatever their wild imagination can come up with.

Reading Friends: Jungle A to Z

Reading Friends a to z

Reading Friends Jungle A to Z is a fun way to practice basic alphabet skills. Young children will enjoy the app and will learn many foundational skills.

Bugs and Buttons 2

Bugs and Buttons 2

Bugs and Buttons 2 is a versatile, fun, and incredibly educational app with high quality images and animation that will quickly become a favorite in your home!

Touch and Write Phonics


Touch and Write Phonics is an excellent example of a high quality and effective phonics app. It nicely combines visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning to meet the needs of many young learners.

Bugsy Kindergarten Reading School


Join Bugsy on his learning mission to outer space where he helps kids practice a wide variety of educational skills in reading, spelling, phonics, and more!

abc Pocket Phonics


Pocket Phonics offers practical, effective practice with letter sounds and with blending sounds into words. It is a fine tool for teaching beginning reading students.



Dic-Dic is a nice introduction to basic words in several languages. It will help students learn to spell and read over a hundred different words in their native language, then can introduce them to several other languages.

Talking ABC…


The letters of the alphabet come to life in the form of clay animals in Talking ABC.

Grandma’s Kitchen


Grandma’s Kitchen is entertaining and educational. It’s a great app for toddlers, preschoolers and even kindergarten students.

Play and Learn With Wallace


Try Play and Learn with Wallace for a wide array of fun early learning activities.