Busy Shapes


Busy Shapes is full of great graphics and sound effects that will keep children engaged as they practice their problem solving skills.

theGames: Kindergarten Math Standards


This educational app is a great deal and offers lots of math practice in an easy to use setting for early learners.



Kids will receive great satisfaction in watching their garden grow. GardenLab provides numerous educational opportunities and hours of entertainment; all this and more at a reasonable price.

Underwater Learning Adventure


A great early learning app with a cute underwater theme that children will love as they learn and play.

Maya the Bee: Flower Party


Maya The Bee: Flower Party is an awesome app with bright colors and gorgeous illustrations that allows children to learn and play a variety of activities as they help Maya get ready for her big flower party.

Math In Action

Math In Action

Math In Action provides a hands-on approach to learning in an easy to use virtual environment that children and parents will love.

Bugs and Buttons 2

Bugs and Buttons 2

Bugs and Buttons 2 is a versatile, fun, and incredibly educational app with high quality images and animation that will quickly become a favorite in your home!

Shiny Party


Shiny Party is a great app for little ones just learning their shapes and colors and with a fun story and 4 activities to play they won’t want to put it down!

Grandma’s Kitchen


Grandma’s Kitchen is entertaining and educational. It’s a great app for toddlers, preschoolers and even kindergarten students.

Play and Learn With Wallace


Try Play and Learn with Wallace for a wide array of fun early learning activities.

Fun Felt Games


You don’t need an actual felt board to enjoy felt board play when you have the Fun Felt Games app.

Tino the Triangle – Book & Peekaboo

tino the triangle

Tino the Triangle meets animals and other shapes through his travels in this cute, colorful picture book for kids.

Penguin Pre-K: Preschool Numbers, Letters, Colors, Matching and Math


Another great Mrs. Judd app that combines early learning with fun games to create a fun experience for your preschooler.

Jack and Jill’s Preschool Adventure


Play with Jack or play with Jill in this cute preschool game inspired by one of kids’ favorite nursery rhyme pairs.

PaddleDuck Color and Story


PaddleDuck Color and Story is an easy to use app with a cute story that allows children to practice and learn their colors. Great for toddlers and pre-school age children.

Yummiloo Rainbow Power


Join Beanie and the other Yum-Yums in their quest to fix the rainbow machine that powers Yummiloo by filling it with a wide variety of colorful fruits and vegetables while teaching children the importance of a healthy diet.

Wood Puzzle Easter Colors HD

wood puzzle easter colors

Young kids will delight in completing these attractive Easter-themed wood puzzles. Parents will be pleased with the quality and value.



An innovative and child friendly musical learning app that teaches various songs, instruments, and colors in an easy and fun way.

Pooh's Birthday Surprise


Pooh’s Birthday Surprise is a great interactive book for preschoolers; though a little pricey even with all of the extras.

Jungle Adventure: Educational Kid’s Game


Jungle Adventure helps your little one practice counting, colors, and problem solving skills with this beautifully illustrated educational app.