Telling the Time Ages 4-5


Practice setting the clock, reading the clock, and learning the days of the week through a series of practice activities and timed quizzes.

Telling Time with the Smurfs


Telling Time with The Smurfs is an incredible app that teaches children how to tell time using a wide variety of activities and games. Safe, fun, and highly educational!



Replace the heavy books with Waterford Learning’s app full of digital stories, educational songs, and fun math review games.



MiniSchool is a bright and fun app that guides children ages 4-7 in practicing foundational academic skills like math, reading, time, rhyming and colors.

Gozoa: The Key Quest


The Key Quest is a fun and challenging educational app that plays like a video game while practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

ToDo Telling Time


ToDo Time provides an engaging and fun way to practice a range of essential skills and will help young elementary students master many aspects of time.

Tic Toc Time: Break down the day to learn how to tell time

Tic Toc Time

Learn to tell time with the help of friendly beavers from Canada.

Marble Math Junior


Marble Math Junior is highly customizable, making it perfect for classrooms or at home; either way it is guaranteed educational fun at a great price.

Math Doodles


Math is Fun! Math Doodles is a prime example of how math can be fun; kid-safe, extraordinary artwork, tons of options and loads of fun.

Splash Math – 3rd Grade HD Full

Splash Math 3rd Grade covers a wide range of math skills, not just addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Splash Math – 2nd Grade HD Full

Splash Math 2nd Grade HD is a fully loaded math app worth checking out. Kids will be entertained while learning.

Splash Math – 1st Grade HD Full

Splash Math 1st Grade HD is a well designed comprehensive math app. This interactive workbook is much more fun than paper worksheets!

The Best of the Best Math Apps for Elementary School (Part 2 – The Vote)

Let’s vote! Don’t forget to check out the nominees! Get ready to vote for your favorite math app for Elementary School. Voting closes 7/31/2011. The Nominees for Best Elementary School Math Apps [poll id=”4″]

iphone apps LEARN TIME LITE

Learn Time Lite iPhone / iPad app

This free iPhone app is great for the preschooler or kindergartener – or anyone else just learning to tell time. The low key animation is cute without being distracting.


Learn Time iPhone / iPad app

This iphone app goes beyond the simple “learn to tell time” app. I downloaded this app when my 2nd grader was learning to tell time in a more advanced way. Time before, time after, elapsed time, as well as telling time to the minute.