Duckie Deck Huff n’ Puff


Duckie Deck Huff n’ Puff is a highly creative yet simple app that allows players to interact with various images by blowing into a microphone. A simple yet creative app that is a ton of fun!

Four Little Corners


Four Little Corners is a lovely story with simple illustrations that teaches children a valuable life lesson about friendship and fitting in. Parents this app is a must-have!

Alphabet of Dinosaurs


Another wonderful Oceanhouse Media digital book that teaches children all about dinosaurs with a variety of fun facts, rhyming passages, and vivid illustrations.



KidsAbacus is a multi-level educational app that allows children to use an abacus to explore and practice addition and subtraction problems.

Pillowcapers: A Sleepy Adventure


Pillowcapers: A Sleepy Adventure is a highly entertaining and creative storybook app for kids that will make bedtime adventurous and fun.

Gappy Learns Writing


Gappy Learns Writing is a high quality app for early learners to practice writing and tracing their letters and have fun while they learn.

Peek-a-Zoo Moo


Peek-a-Zoo Moo is a beautifully illustrated early learning app that uses the classic game of peek-a-boo to teach children a variety of animals.

Who Lives in the Forest


Who Lives in the Forest is an adorable app with awesome illustrations and fun activities for children to learn about their favorite forest dwellers.

Sharing with DuckieDeck


With the Sharing with DuckieDeck app, children will learn how to share their toys and goodies with friends through fun and engaging activities. This is a must-have app for parents and teachers!

My Little Work-Garage


You can fix a flat tire or change the oil in this realistic app that allows children to explore what it would be like to work as a mechanic. Fun, safe, and really easy to use, this app is a great for children of all ages.

PlayCorner TV


PlayCorner TV is a great app with a collection of educational and entertaining videos for families on the go.

Awesome Eats


Awesome Eats is a great app that teaches children fun facts about a variety of healthy foods in a game-like setting.

I Love You Too


I Love You Too is a great storybook app that features the lyrics to a song by Ziggy Marley along a fun sing along activity and awesome illustrations.

Christmas & Holiday Apps for Kids – 2013

Apps For Christmas & Holidays

Seasons greetings! Here is our list of holiday apps. We will be adding to it so stop back often.

Spellyfish Phonics- Short I Words


Spellyfish Short I Words is an awesome educational app that uses a variety of lessons to teach children how to spell in fun under water environment.

Strawberry Shortcake Berry Best Friends


Strawberry Shortcake Berry Best Friends is a cute app with lots of fun games and a sweet story children will love.

Grandpa’s Workshop


Join Grandpa in his workshop and help him build, paint, and learn all about the fun tools he uses.

The Prisoner of Carrot Castle


The Prisoner of Carrot Castle is a cute story with awesome illustrations that will remind children of the importance of eating their vegetables.

The Human Body


The Human Body allows children to learn all there is to know about the body with various realistic figures, interactive images, and illustrations all while enjoying every minute. You will be amazed at this app!

Pettson’s Inventions


For the science lover who enjoys a good challenge, Pettson’s Inventions provides a puzzle like game for children to assemble a variety of inventions. This app is challenging, fun, and great for the entire family!