‘dipityPix is a super simple and fun photo editor app that kids will love.

Outside Your Door Learning Library Collection

Dr seuss

Another wonderful collection of outdoor educational stories by Oceanhouse Media that teaches children about birds, butterflies, trees, and seeds. Great for families or for use in the classroom!

Monki Animal Builder


Monki Animal Builder is a fun and quirky app that children are going to love for the silly animals they get to create.

Cricket Kids: Opposites


Cricket Kids: Opposites is a creative app that teaches children a variety of vocabulary words with images, illustrations, and interactive games that are both educational and fun.

TeachMe: Kindergarten


TeachMe: Kindergarten is an outstanding all-inclusive educational app that is a must-have for parents with little ones at home! Great content at an even better price.

7 Little Words Adventures 1


7 Little Words Adventures 1 is another great word and puzzle app for children to challenge them as they learn new words.

Plume’s School-Saving Christmas


Another great holiday themed app that allows children to work on their spelling, reading, memory, and a variety of other skills through fun activities.

Spellyfish Phonics- Short A Words


Another great Spellyfish app that will engage children in learning to spell, read, and sound out short words. Perfect for young children wanting to get a jumpstart on their reading skills.

Healthy Heroes 1


Another great app from Yogome that teaches children about good, healthy foods in a fun game-like environment with lots of great music, graphics, and animations.

Spellyfish Phonics- Short I Words


Spellyfish Short I Words is an awesome educational app that uses a variety of lessons to teach children how to spell in fun under water environment.

Peekaboo Sesame Street


Another great Peekaboo app with Sesame Street characters that children will love!

The Human Body


The Human Body allows children to learn all there is to know about the body with various realistic figures, interactive images, and illustrations all while enjoying every minute. You will be amazed at this app!

Build and Play 3D Planes, Trains, and Robots and More

Build and Play 3D Planes, Trains, and Robots and More

For children who love a good challenge, this 3D app allows children to build lots of fun toys with a variety of brightly colored pieces to bring each toy to life.

Rosita y Conchita in 3D

Rosita y Conchita in 3D

A lovely digital storybook app that teaches children about the Day of the Dead with an easy to understand and heartwarming story.

Gorilla Band


Gorilla Band is an innovative storybook app with fun music and 3D interactive illustrations that will entertain the little music-lover in your house.

Bugsy Kindergarten Reading School


Join Bugsy on his learning mission to outer space where he helps kids practice a wide variety of educational skills in reading, spelling, phonics, and more!

Penguin Pre-K: Preschool Numbers, Letters, Colors, Matching and Math


Another great Mrs. Judd app that combines early learning with fun games to create a fun experience for your preschooler.



Build addition skills while playing a version of classic match game that has kids look at addition problems in two different ways.

Candy Count


This interactive app is the perfect way to teach your child to count. It contains all the fun of counting a bag of sweets, but none of the toothache. Kids will love learning with this fun and engaging app.

Jubitron the GIrl Robot: The Lovely Little Picnic


Kids can tag along as Jubitron the Girl Robot goes on a picnic with her friends in this cute interactive storybook.