My Little Work-Garage


You can fix a flat tire or change the oil in this realistic app that allows children to explore what it would be like to work as a mechanic. Fun, safe, and really easy to use, this app is a great for children of all ages.

Recycle Hero


Recycle Hero is a fun and innovative app that teaches children the importance of recycling in a high quality, interactive game.

Simplex Spelling Phonics – Advanced Phonograms


Advanced Phonograms offers many great features at a reasonable price. It is a high quality spelling app intended for kids ages 9 and older; perfect for home or school.



KidsCraft is a bright and cheery collection of entertaining, educational craft ideas. The projects could keep most children occupied for hours.

Doodle Learning Maths

Doodle drawing

Doodle Learning Maths offers computation practice that will build speed and accuracy with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

iTooch Middle School


iTooch Middle School is an outstanding practice and testing system for Common Core Standards in language arts and math for grades six, seven and eight.

Dr. Morph's Memo


Dr. Morph’s Memo puts a fun spin on the traditional memory game with interesting animal creations. Have fun finding all 100 unique animals in this high quality, quirky app.



What better way to learn about healthy foods than by feeding Rex the scientist while playing fun games? This is one high quality, high value app parents won’t want to miss out on, especially if they have a little one that doesn’t like healthfood.

Robots for iPad

Everything you could possibly want to know, and more, about robots from around the world. Whether or not you are into robots, you’ll find this app fascinating.

Sneaky Sam


Sneaky Sam is lovely, family-friendly entertainment for all ages. It is a high quality app with a lot to offer at a reasonable price.

Math and Letters Air Control


Math and Letters Air Control is best for reinforcing math and language skills in a fun game style app. This reasonably priced app is a great educational game for kids.

Marble Math Junior


Marble Math Junior is highly customizable, making it perfect for classrooms or at home; either way it is guaranteed educational fun at a great price.

Star Speller


Star Speller, a spelling app for kids in kindergarten through second grade, has two games and a flashcard mode. Reasonably priced considering the features and content it offers.

Frog Dissection

frog dissection

Frog Dissection is an engaging educational app that parents, students, and teachers will all appreciate for the variety and depth of informative materials and activities it offers.

Barefoot World Atlas

barefoot world atlas

Children and adults of all ages will enjoy exploring the world using this 3D interactive globe. Be aware that Barefoot World Atlas is an extremely large download.

Brain Bot Jr.

Brain Bot Jr is a good way to have fun while improving various mental skills.

The Scariest Halloween Story Ever!

scary halloween

The Scariest Halloween Story Ever is a fun app that will get kids into the spirit of Halloween in a silly, semi-scary way.


Being Different is a lovely little eBook that shows that it’s okay to be different and it’s important to be a friend.

Montessori Numbers

Montessori Numbers contains multiple educational activities for kids ages 3-7 and is reasonably priced.

Goodnight ABC

This is one app you will want to sit down and play with the kids! Goodnight ABC has what seems to be an unlimited amount of entertainment for curious young minds. It’s not only enjoyable, but educational and is reasonably priced.