Dexteria Dots – Get in Touch with Math


Dexteria Dots offers a highly visual and kinesthetic way to practice basic math concepts such as greater than/less than, addition, and subtraction.



Brainfeed is an amazing app full of wonderful educational videos across a wide variety of topics that will keep children engaged and entertained for hours!



KidsAbacus is a multi-level educational app that allows children to use an abacus to explore and practice addition and subtraction problems.

Motion Math: Pizza!


Motion Math: Pizza! provides challenging math ‘problems’ in a real world setting and plays more like a game than an educational app. Fun, challenging, and great for the whole family!

Slice Fractions


Slice Fractions offers a wordless, hands-on walk through basic fraction concepts such as the meaning of the numerator and denominator, equivalent fractions, and fraction ordering. Players have to solve physics problems by slicing objects and removing barriers to movement at the correct times and places to progress through the game.

Splash Math – Kindergarten Full


Splash Math Kindergarten is an all-inclusive math app for young children. An app that is enjoyable to use, but more importantly, it is one that your child will want to use often.

TeachMe: Kindergarten


TeachMe: Kindergarten is an outstanding all-inclusive educational app that is a must-have for parents with little ones at home! Great content at an even better price.

Crapoks: Maths & Memo


A card game of match is always a fun way to improve a number of educational skills. Crapoks: Maths & Memo uses it to present math problems in an entertaining app for kids.

theGames: Kindergarten Math Standards


This educational app is a great deal and offers lots of math practice in an easy to use setting for early learners.



Kids will receive great satisfaction in watching their garden grow. GardenLab provides numerous educational opportunities and hours of entertainment; all this and more at a reasonable price.

Grandpa’s Workshop


Join Grandpa in his workshop and help him build, paint, and learn all about the fun tools he uses.

Mystery Math Museum


Mystery Math Museum is an incredibly entertaining and challenging educational app that will have kids begging to practice their math skills using this app.

Dragon Shapes: Geometry Challenge

dragon shapes

A great app for parents and teachers to use with children needing a bit of extra help with geometric shapes or those who enjoy a good puzzle challenge.

Moose & Zebra Sweden

Moose & Zebra Sweden

Join Moose & Zebra as they venture to their homeland to teach children fun facts about Sweden while they practice a variety of math, logic, and memory skills.

Cosmic Reactor Arithmetic

Cosmic Reactor Arithmetic

A space-themed math app that allows players to challenge one another in their math skills to see who can become the next Cosmic Reactor Champion. Great for families to play together.

Gozoa Goes Shopping

Gozoa Goes Shopping

A great math app that helps children learn the value of a dollar as they earn and spend gold coins to purchase clothing and accessories for Gozoa.

Math Ahoy!

Math Ahoy

A little world geography, a little math and a whole lot of tactical thinking, Math Ahoy is a must download whether you have kids or not.

Math Mathews: Mental Math

Math Mathews- Mental Math

Captain Mathews and his crew are on a new adventure in this fast paced game that mixes a good mystery with addition and subtraction problems.

Visual Math Word Problems

Visual Math Word Problems

Young elementary aged children learn to solve mathematical word problems using visual techniques.

Tic Toc Time: Break down the day to learn how to tell time

Tic Toc Time

Learn to tell time with the help of friendly beavers from Canada.