Mini-U: OverColor


Mini-U: OverColor is a creative puzzle app that challenges children to replicate animal images made with overlapping geometric shapes. Fun, challenging, and easy to use.

Giggle Tree


Giggle Tree is a cute app for children that combines music with a memory match game that will keep little ones giggling for hours.

Easter Bunny Games for Kids


Easter Bunny Games for Kids is a cute puzzle app with whimsical illustrations and loads of fun puzzles for children to enjoy.

Winky Think Logic Puzzles


Winky Think Logic Puzzles is an outstanding app that will provide hours of productive play value to children from preschool age on up. Everyone will benefit from exercising their logic, problem-solving, and thinking skills and everyone will enjoy the fun puzzles.

Wubbzy’s The Night Before Christmas


This app puts a fun Wubbzy twist on a classic Christmas story with tons of additional activities including puzzles, music, and coloring pages. An awesome app with lots to do.

Holidays Junior


A great holiday app for Christmas and beyond with 4 fun games that children will be playing for hours.

Tracks ‘n’ Trains: Zoo Trains


Tracks ‘n’ Trains: Zoo Train is a great app that allows children to explore, enjoy, and build tracks of all shapes and sizes.

Gobble: The Famous Thanksgiving Turkey


Gobble: The Famous Thanksgiving Turkey is a cute, music-themed storybook app that tells the tale of how Thanksgiving came to be and includes additional activities for children of all ages to enjoy.

theGames: Kindergarten Math Standards


This educational app is a great deal and offers lots of math practice in an easy to use setting for early learners.

Flipidee Animals


Flipidee Animals lets children explore and build a variety of animals while learning their names and practicing their spelling skills. This is a great app for young children!



Courli is a simple gaming app that allows children to practice their problem solving skills in a series of challenging levels and mazes without the usual in-app purchases found in game apps.

Build and Play 3D Planes, Trains, and Robots and More

Build and Play 3D Planes, Trains, and Robots and More

For children who love a good challenge, this 3D app allows children to build lots of fun toys with a variety of brightly colored pieces to bring each toy to life.

Addition Blocks for Education

Addition Blocks for Education

A math app that is fun, easy to use, and challenging for even the most advanced players. This is one app parents and teachers don’t want to miss out on!

Li’l Spies


Li’l Spies allows children to read a fun story, interact with the illustrations, and play in story games on long car rides. They can even learn how to play the traditional “I Spy” game to keep them busy after the story is over.

Roxie’s a-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventure


An innovative twist on the traditional search-and-find puzzle and maze with fun animations and sound effects the whole family can enjoy!

Live Puzzle! Forest Animals


Live Puzzle! Forest Animals is an innovative and entertaining educational app that children of all ages will love.

Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzles 123


Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzles 123 is a cute educational app that allows children to learn new animals and practice problem solving skills while challenging themselves with a variety of puzzles.

Beck and Bo 50% sale – $0.99 for 6 days


Beck and Bo is having a 50% sale from 20 to 25 of November. Grab a copy for only $0.99 and follow the fantastic adventures of Beck and Bo.

Hide n See


Hide n See is a FREE universal app with endless possibilities.

Pop ABCs


Pop ABCs offers an entertaining way for young kids to work on recognizing the letters of the alphabet.