1 to 25 Puzzle App Review

1 to 25 was sent to me and when I first opened it up I thought oh no, it’s a math puzzle. Prejudice on my part to assume that just because a puzzle involves numbers it’s also going to involve math. Math and I don’t get along very well. At all.  But I decided to give the puzzle a try and I’m glad I did. It doesn’t involve addition or subtraction or any thing of that sort. What you do is attempt to arrange the numbers 1 to 25 on a 5×5 grid in such a way that they all fit in the puzzle and are connected by a line. The line can go sideways, up and down or diagonally. The numbers are on red arrows around the puzzle and these arrows are your clue as to where to put the numbers. This puzzle also has a wonderful “purge” button. If you press it you’ll see which numbers are in the wrong spot and you can attempt to fix your mistake. When you finish a puzzle another one unlocks.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this puzzle. I’ve got a daughter who’s brain thrives on this kind of thing and it’s nice to have another “thinking” app for her on my phone. By the way – the picture above was taken just before I tapped “Purge” and discovered that all my numbers were in the wrong spot, except for the number one. Did I mention I really liked that purge button?

Price when Reviewed: $.99

Seller: 123 Syndicated Puzzles