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Review Summary:

Multitouch feature leads to unique way to help kids build their basic counting and addition skills.

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Tell kids to take their hands off their device and set it down. They’ll need all 10 fingers to count. This multitouch game helps kids learn about the basics of counting and addition, by having them use their fingers as the main tool. In the free play mode, kids simply place their fingers on the device and see the number of fingers represented by colorful animal icons. Other modes help kids build basic counting and addition skills by placing the correct number of fingers on the screen. While adults might have trouble fitting all 10 fingers on the screen of an iPad, kids’ fingers are the perfect size.

Features include:

  • 3 different number representations
  • Multitouch display
  • Two modes of play
  • Nine languages available


Typically kids have trouble playing apps because they can’t resist putting multiple fingers on the screen, but with 10 Fingers, they’re encouraged to touch the screen with multiple fingers. As kids place their fingers on the screen, they produce cute and colorful icons that are then counted out by a kid-friendly voice. Aside from the multitouch feature, the app has a very simplistic design, allowing kids to focus on counting and addition.


Instead of simply counting out numbers, kids count their fingers, making it easier for them to use what they’ve learned outside of the app. On the free play screen and in the counting challenge, kids simply place fingers on the screen to create cute images which are then counted out. In the addition challenge, kids see an addition problem and must place the correct amount of fingers on each side of the screen to come up with the correct answer. This unique way of teaching addition gives kids a visual representation of the problem, and then counts out the visuals to help them see how they arrived at the answer.


With three modes of play, kids will enjoy experimenting with the placement of their fingers and solving the different math-based problems. While the three modes don’t offer a lot of different actions, kids will still spend a lot of time on them. Nine different languages means kids can also have fun counting in their own language, while more advanced kids may enjoy learning to count in a different language.


Parents could construct a similar activity at home, but it would require them to sit down with their children and help them count out their fingers. It also wouldn’t offer the immediate response that 10 Fingers provides. For a fairly low price, parents can provide their kids with a unique and interactive math learning experience.

Child Friendliness

The Parents Corner hides behind a parental lock, requiring parents to answer a slightly more advanced addition problem to enter and access more information about the app, as well as links to the developer’s social media pages. Away from the Parents Corner, kids will only focus on building counting and addition skills, as there are no other games, settings screens, or other features to distract them.

Multitouch feature leads to unique way to help kids build their basic counting and addition skills.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars