12 iOS 9 Tips You Must Know

Have you installed IOS 9 to your iPhone or iPad yet? To the average user, IOS 8 and IOS 9 do not really seem much different. However, if you take a few minutes to look a little closer, you will see the jewel that IOS 9 really is. Here are 12 amazing reasons why you should install it ASAP if you haven’t already.

One of the best additions is extending battery life. We have all had those moments where we could have used a little extra juice. Whether we were away from home, trying to find our destination and the phone dies, or the kids have been playing games on it non stop – draining all of the battery life, and you are waiting for an important phone call to come in. Choose Settings and then Battery and click on the toggle option Low Power Mode. It’s perfect if your battery is running low and you want it to keep running until you can make it to a power source. This will shut down background app updates, turn off Hey Siri, and reduce syncing.

Speaking of Hey Siri, you can now utter that phrase and she will respond at anytime and anywhere. Go to Settings > General > Siri and toggle Hey Siri on. You will run through a few steps to make sure she only responds to your voice, but can then start using it immediately.

iCloud has always been working in background, being discreet. In the new iCloud Drive app you can delete, rename, move, and share files. Go to Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive and toggle Show on Home Screen. This will give you a shortcut to your iCloud Drive on your home screen. Open it and tap and hold on any file to get a pop up menu. This menu gives you the ability to make any changes to your files.

Have you ever lost your iPhone and it’s on silent? Instead of turning the house upside down, make your iPhone play a sound— even if it’s on silent. Open the Find My iPhone app on another device, tap the missing iPhone, tap Actions, and then tap Play Sound.

The Notes app now has capabilities to let you create to-do lists with checkable circles next to each entry. You can also add photos to notes and do more in depth formatting.

The Passbook app’s name has been changed to Wallet. One great new feature is it also now includes support for loyalty cards. Instead of searching for your rewards card at checkout, you can double press your Home button from the lock screen and the Wallet will pop up.

Looking for that vacation photo to show your in-laws? You can ask Siri to find photos from a specific place or time. She will filter the results by time-stamps and geo-tags.

Are you in the middle of something and get distracted? Ask Siri to remind you about it later. This reminder works with Mail, Notes, locations in Maps, Messages and more.

Change your passcode from 4 digits to 6, opening up one million possible combinations instead of just 10,000. You can still opt for the classic passcode, but Apple suggests you change to 6 digits to add further protection.

There is a new Back to option to click on. When you are navigating from one app to another, you’ll notice a new Back To con in the top-left of the screen. This will take you back to the previous app. Also, if you go to the search page (by swiping right from the Home screen) and select an option from there, you can go back to the search you ran.

To save your data plan, switching automatically from cellular data to the nearest available Wi-Fi network is a huge advantage. But it’s not much help when the Wi-Fi it’s switching too is slow or weak. The new Wi-Fi assist will ignore the slow Wi-Fi signal and stick with cellular data if it’s faster. However, if you want to save on mobile data, you can opt to turn off Wi-Fi Assist.

Can’t find that setting you are searching for? Open Settings and let the new Search Settings field find it for you.

Are you letting your iPhone do all it can for you? Enable some of these tips today to start making your life a little bit easier.