13th Birthday party ideas

35 Ideal 13 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas For Girls and Boys

The birthday is very special for everyone. There is no age limit for celebrating the birthday. 13 year old birthday party ideas are easy to find but they should also like to celebrate the way they want too. Everyone can celebrate a birthday like they want to.

A 5-year-old has a different excitement to celebrate the birthday, whereas a 13-year-old has a different way to celebrate the birthday. They will like to have friends more than the family. This is because they have started making new friends. But the excitement will be on the next level.

Turning 13 years-old is a big deal for them, so the party also has to be a big deal for them. He cannot celebrate his/her birthday expensively but can call up his/her friends so that they can remember the birthday.

Birthday is very special to everyone. It is that one day in a year was not only a small kid but also an old person wants to feel pampered and happy. 13-year-old is officially a year where he/she will be called a teenager.

They will start going to high school and make new different friends. It can be an adventure trip for your child which he will be stepping in.

You can try to celebrate his/her birthday in a special way so they can remember the day well and have a smile on the face. But for many children 13 years has been the milestone for them.

And for some, it was at peace. Are you planning then you can refer below? There is a list of things that you can plan for the birthday. Everyone has a different way to celebrate the birthday according to gender also.

For example, a boy will want to have a boy night with his friends or family but only doing boy things. Same, girls will be wanting to the same but with the girl gang doing girly things. So I am suggesting you some of the birthday party ideas for a 13-year-old child.

13th Birthday party ideas

13th birthday party ideas in general

1. Movie Party

Everyone likes to watch a movie. At home or at the theatre. But it can be special if you have a bunch of friends along on your birthday. You can celebrate your birthday at a theatre with all your family and friends and watch a movie. It can be fun at the same time. This way a 13-year-old boy can celebrate his birthday at this place. This can be the 13 year old birthday party ideas for boys. They will have a lot of fun while doing this and enjoy the best.

2. Music Party

You can give your child a music party if he/she likes music. You can call his/her friends and tell everyone about the theme. The cake can be of a musical sign and everyone has to sing a song for the party.

It is fun to see small children doing a music party. This can be one of the ideas for a 13 year old birthday party ideas at home. You can also set the karaoke for them so they can also have a lot of fun.

3. Pool Party

This party is a dream of every child. You can give your child a surprise party by calling his/her friends at the venue. You can organize this nearby so it is possible for everyone to come. You can also organize this party at your home if you have a pool by the side.

She/he will like to have a pool party if her/his birthday is in Summers. It will be fun for him/her and other children also.

4. Pizza Party

Who does not like eating Pizza? Everyone likes eating pizza. You can call your family members at home and enjoy the evening watching some movie or so and order for some pizza at home. 

You can cut the pizza instead of the cake. You can set the new trend by doing this. Who knows, who else will do this after seeing you. It can be fun to have a pizza party with family at home.

5. Painting Party

There are many things to do for a 13 year old birthday. One of them is painting. Painting can be a hobby also. You along with the birthday girl and her friends can together plan to paint the houses of the needy. You can also paint the wall of an old aged home or the garage with your friends.

It is a good habit to teach your child about the things that they have to respect and value at the same time. They can also paint on papers or canvas and celebrate birthdays. You can keep a healthy competition and give presents to everyone and encourage them to pain more.

6. Surprise Party

You can give your child a surprise party and make it more excited for the day. You have to plan out things that will make her happy. You can take them to watch a Disney/cartoon movie, then take them to lunch at his/her favorite place and then go shopping or play video games with him.

Later in the evening when he/she thinks the day is about to finish then you can have all of his/her friends at the place for the cake cutting. It can be fun and he/she will remember this for life also. the perfect end to the birthday theme for 13 year olds. They will remember this for life.

7. Water Park Party

what to do for a 13 year old boy birthday? You can take this friend and family to the nearest water park. It can be fun for everyone to beat the heat if his birthday is in summers. It can be very difficult to plan outside for a birthday party during summers.

Already, it will be too hot and everyone will get an excuse for not coming to the party. This way a 13 year old birthday party places can be decided and everyone can have fun for a day.

8. Family Trip

Family Trip

The best way to celebrate your 13-years-old girl’s birthday is by going on a family trip. This can also include her friends but you have to keep checking the budget of the trip also. It can be relaxing to go out with family. Birthdays should be spent with loved ones. You should feel happy while you are living every moment.

9. Theme Party

What things to plan for a 13-year-old birthday party? You can have a theme party and call all of his friends and relatives to the party. It can be fun is very one is dressed well.

They can dance, sing or play the role of anyone. The best performer will get a gift. And everyone who took part will also get the prize. It will be a secret for everyone to keep until the performance is completed.

13th birthday party ideas for girls

10. Dance Party

Dance is what an occasion is about. People like to be free at the birthday party and enjoy the most. You can call every friend of your child and the family members for the party. You can keep the competition for this party.

You can call for a DJ to play music and everyone can dance on the floor. This can be an option for a 13-year-old birthday party. Everyone can have fun including the birthday boy.

11. Mystery Party

Do your child like to solve the mystery? This can be organized by some of the friends also. It will be fun when they will plan out something really important and thrilling for the birthday girl. A 13-year-old girl will always like to make her birthday exciting.

So she can remember it for a long time. Then after the mystery is solved, she can cut the cake with friends and family. And thereafter the dinner can start. After everyone will be hungry after solving the mystery.

12. Baking Party

 Baking Party

Baking can be done by a man and a woman also. So what are you thinking to celebrate a 13-year-old girl birthday party? You can have a baking party. Where everyone can take part by with someone elder who can bake. Only children cannot take part. And you can bake anything like cakes, dessert, muffins, and many other things.

The best-baked food item will get the prize. This way every child will try to help in baking. A unique way to plan a 13th birthday party. She will like the fun and the thrill that will keep her excited for the day.

13. High Tea Party

Every daughter has a dream of becoming like her Mother. So a Mother can also plan a special surprise birthday party for her. Just like Mothers, have a high tea party with her friends you can also organize for her daughter with her friends.

She will be a teenager now, so she can also party with her friends too. You can invite everyone and plan a theme for the party. It will be fun and every girl will feel special while attending the party.

14. Jewelry Making Party

Girls like jewelry to wear. They can also wear it daily also. But for your daughter’s 13-year-old birthday idea you can plan a jewelry making party. It will be fun to see every girl making some ornaments for the person whose name will be in the chits.

The birthday girl will remove a chit for everyone and they have to make for that person. It will be fun to who is making jewelry for whom.

15. Colorful Dress Party

Everyone like colors. Some like black, white, yellow and the list goes on. You can plan a dinner party for a 13-year-old girl with the theme as a colorful dress. Everyone should come according to the theme. It can be fun for the birthday girl to see everything colorful.

The cake can also be as colorful as a rainbow. This can be the perfect birthday party for a 13-year-old girl at home. You can celebrate it on the lawn of the house. She will like the party idea.

16. Costume Party

Costume parties are the best types of parties that anyone would ever attend. This can be planned for a 13-year-old birthday girl. Everyone has to wear a costume for the party. Costumes like Barbie dolls, Spiderman, Superman and many other characters like them.

The birthday can be the queen of the palace. She should feel special about everything as it is her day. Everything around her should make her happy.

17. Rainbow themed Party

Rainbow themed Party

A rainbow themed party is one of the most like parties by the girls. They can plan to celebrate her 13th birthday by adding more colors to life. One can wear any color of the rainbow and add to the party. The can also be a rainbow themed party. You can add the balloons to the venue or the house. It will create more effects for the party.

And everyone will like to take part in the theme. Everyone will have fun while performing some of the things according to the theme. Rainbow adds more color to the sky and like same it will add more of other colors to the life of the birthday girl. A 13-year-old girl will like to celebrate her birthday like this.

18. Project Runway theme Party

 Project Runway theme Party

It is a dream to walk like a model for every girl out there. The age won’t matter but even a 13 year old birthday party ideas for girls will include Project runway theme party. It will her dream to call her friends over and walk the ramp like a diva. You can arrange this themed party for her and make her 13th birthday memorable for her.

You can call as many friends she wants. You can also set this in the lawn along with the ramp. You can also add more decorations to the party. Every girl has to wear a beautiful dress and walk on the ramp. And the showstopper will be the birthday girl. This way she can fully enjoy her 13th birthday party.

19. Teenage Princess Party

 Teenage Princess Party

Who does not want to become a Princess in her life? This can also become her dream after watching so many of the Disney movies like Cinderella, Snow White, and many others like her who has magical powers with them. Parents can arrange for her 13th birthday party ideas for her. It will be fun to watch her friends and her in the Barbie dresses. Each girl has to become one of the queens and perform for everyone.

She can dance, sing, or act like her in front of the people. They will have fun while doing it. But she has to portrait herself in such a way that everyone has to guess who is she? It is a kind of mystery for everyone to guess who is who. After the performance will get over they can together have fun and dance with each other. And the birthday girl will cut the cake and thereafter everyone can have dinner. What better way to celebrate with this bash.

20. Teen Spa Party

Teen Spa Party

Spa helps in relaxing people of any age. 13 year old  birthday themes for girls may include a spa party. She can have a spa party with her family which only includes the girls and her most important friends. They can visit a spa parlor or can also call them at home.

You can all together go for spa and have fun while doing this. She will feel big and can remember her birthday so well. A 13-year-old girl deserves this spa party. This can help her as she is now stepping in the teenage period of her life. They can all have the party continue thereafter with everyone and dance and have more fun.

21. Fashion Show Party

 Fashion Show Party

Fashion is one thing that makes you feel big in the teen. You can make new friends when you have a good fashion sense. Friends can throw a fashion Show party at anyone’s house and make her feel like a diva.

You can decide her clothes from the beginning and make her wear them at the party. You can also keep the cupcakes and juices for the snacks and eat them along. This way a 13-year-old birthday girl can celebrate her birthday.

22. Vintage Barbie Party

 vintage barbie party

It will be a dream to become one Barbie doll in every girl’s life. It can be a fancy dress party, or in performing at the school, or any other thing. You can plan this for her 13th birthday idea and call her friends also. It will be fun for her friends and herself too. Growing from a child to teen can be a big deal for her but also she would not want to remove from life.

Every girl has seen the Disney movies of every Barbie doll. She can plan to become the Barbie doll which she likes the most and let everyone know so no one can become that. It is her day she can only become what she wants to. Every Barbie doll has to say the good and the bad quality about her. This can help them to search for Barbie dolls more and will be fun to perform this. 

24. Camping Party

Camping Party

When you are small no parents allow you for night outs. But when you grow big and know your responsibilities, they won’t tell you no. So 13th birthday party idea will include the Camping party with friends. It sounds exciting for them to stay over for a night and celebrate the birthday with just like adults. Every child wants to become an adult when they are small whereas every adult wants to live a life that a small baby lives.

Small babies only have to eat play and sleep without tension about the studies, or career, and friends too. So this camping can make her feel big like how an adult celebrates her birthday. They will get the new experience of celebrating the birthday at the camp and will try to enjoy more.

25. Beach Holiday Party

A girl likes to celebrate her birthday with peace without getting hustle n that day. A beach party sounds fun for a 13-year-old birthday girl party idea. She can invite all of her friends to that beach party. You can also decide on a theme for the party.

Everyone has to get dressed according to the theme. The main aim should be that the birthday girl is having fun and also enjoying the day. Everyone can relax at the party. But try to find the beach nearby so everyone can come to the party.

13th birthday party ideas for boys

26. Football Playing Party

Football Playing Party

Every boy likes to play football. It can his dream to play football all day long. Some can also achieve his dreams by becoming a footballer whereas it is still a dream for many people. Football is played between two teams. So the birthday boy can decide the theme and arrange the play also.

If he loves football he can play football on his birthday also. Boys, don’t like celebrating the birthday as often as girls do. Everyone should do what their heart says. This can be a party game idea for a 13-year-old boy. He can then cut the cake along with his family and friends.

27. Hunger Games Party

Boys are mad behind playing games. They are not interested in what others think about them but they want to play games. Games can be an important thing that a boy can think about all day long. Not all boys are the same, but every boy likes to play games. You can call all your friends and plan for a hunger game for the 13 year old birthday party ideas for boys.

The parents can call for the cake according to the theme. You can hand print the gadgets and distribute to the kids out there. They can continue playing games and have fun. The starter can go around the place and kids can also enjoy while having some good food. Games help in forgetting the child t do other things as well.  It sounds enjoying.

28. Glow Party

Glow parties can life to the party. It is all dark at the place and only neon lights can do the work. It can help the 13-year-old birthday boy party ideas by seeing an adult partying like this. This can give him the feel for getting in the teenage life where he can also take his decisions on his own.

He can call all his friend and party hard. Glow parties are decorated with all the neon lights which lighten in the dark places. It can be fun to see who is where. You can also play games while the lights are off. This will be fun to make a child feel that he is big grown up now.

29. Grown-up Restaurant

Not every child wants to celebrate his birthday with a bash. Some just want to sit back at home order his favorite food and watch a movie all day long. He can also invite only his close friends and have fun at home. Later, at night he can go for a family dinner with his family.

Some just feel his birthday is just like any other day and wants to celebrate his birthday as easy as he wants to be. It is just a normal day like any other day. So going to the restaurant for dinner can also work for him. And then come back home and play video games. A 13-year-old boy birthday party idea.

30. Horse Riding Party

Horse Riding Party

Horse riding can be a hobby of a 13-year-old boy. What to do for a 13-year-old boy than going what he likes to do every other day. Horse riding takes a lot of efforts for training also.

He can call his friends for horse riding. Everyone who knows riding can have a healthy competition and the best rider will get a prize. A fun way that a 13-year-old boy birthday party ideas.

31. Gaming Parlour

Gaming Parlour

Gaming is one of the happiness for boys. If you give them games they can play all day long without asking for food and water. You can book the parlor for the kids and call his friends for his birthday celebrations. They can plan the day like which game they can play first.

This way a 13-year-old birthday party ideas for him. This can make his dream come true by spending the day at a gaming parlor. He can play his favorite game for many times he wants without paying money for every single game. This can make his dream come true. He can also enjoy his day along with the family and friends.

32. Go Karting

Go Karting

This is fun if you have not planned your birthday. Everyone should plan that will include something which is adventurous for you. Something that you have never tried before. Go-karting can be a plan for a 13-year-old birthday party idea for boys.

He can also call his friends for go-karting. It will be fun to learn something new with your old friends. The 13th birthday has to bash for some people.

33. Concert Party

Does your child love to go to a concert? This can also be someone’s dream of attending a concert. He is a grown adult and he might also wish to go to the concert parties. They can also plan with friends to the concert.

This way he can feel he is grown up and also can go out alone with his friends for special occasions. Concerts can also include music concert, dance concert, and many others. You can give a surprise on his birthday by booking the tickets for the concert.

34. Harry Potter Party

Harry Potter Party

Is your child a Harry Potter fan. You can plan a birthday party idea for him. You can invite all his friends in potter’s way. It will be fun for everyone who is attending the party. You can ask him about his favorite series and plan the decoration according to it.

Everyone including the birthday boy has to dress as the characters in the movie. He can become his favorite character and use the magical stick. The costume will be very extra to the party but will also add life to the party. You can celebrate his 13th birthday with a theme party.

35. Despicable Me Themed Party

This was a trend that made every human go mad behind them. They are small bananas but cute ones. It has captured all the hearts of the small kids. Henceforth, everyone wanted to dress like them and also wanted bags, clothes, and many other things like a Minions.

Parents can also arrange this themed party and make his 13th birthday party idea into reality. It can be a theme of yellow and everyone has to wear a mask of the Minion and enjoy the party. The kids can also play games and have fun while the cake is placed and dinner is ready to be served. This is one of the party ideas for a 13-year-old birthday boy.

36. Board Game Party

Board Game Party

Boys also like to play board games. You can call your friends at home and plan a birthday party which includes board games. It will be fun for her to attend the party. You can have many board games like Scrabble, Monopoly, Sorry, and many others. You can have fun while playing these games with your friends.

Your parents can order the cake and food for the meantime. You can also keep a prize for the winner for every game. You can also later watch a movie which everyone likes and can also play other games as well.

37. Cosmic Bowling

Bowling is fun if you know the game. It can be played alone and with friends also. You can book a bowling area for your 13th birthday party idea. You can also plan to call your friends and play for the day. You can there only order the food and also cut the cake. It will be fun to play games with your friends and family also.

Then you can also have bowling competitions with them. You can also decide a winner and that winner can get the gift from everyone. It can be a boy to boy challenge. It can one idea for a 13-year-old birthday party for a boy.

38. Paintball Party

Paintball Party

Mostly boys love paintball. You can book a place which is nearby and invite everyone to the place for your 13th birthday party. It will be fun to watch everyone painting each other like a small fight/war.

It can be played with two teams. You can divide your group circle into two halves and start playing the game. You can use the paints in the balloons and paint them by throwing at them. This is a super fun and crazy party idea for a 13 year old birthday party ideas for boys.

Birthday comes once in a year. It should be the way you want to celebrate it. But you should learn from every year what life has to teach you. Above are some of the list of 13 year old birthday party ideas. I hope this helps you to find a perfect idea which your child will like to celebrate it.