Dino Digger – Nook App

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Rated: 4 Stars based on 49 user reviews (06/10/2012).

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Dig up dinosaur bones, interact with 3D dino skeletons, and bring your dinosaurs to life!

* 12 interactive dinosaur skeletons to dig up
* 12 interactive live dinosaurs
* Many unique animations for each dinosaur and each skeleton
* Realistic dinosaur sounds
* Beautifully rendered HD scenery and dinosaur detail

Interact with each dinosaur and dino skeleton by tapping on their heads, bodies, shaking them, and swiping. No matter how you tap, swipe, or shake, you can’t go wrong.

The intuitive interface in this app is very kid friendly and incredibly easy to navigate. It’s like having a dinosaur excavation site and a bunch of pet dinosaurs with you at all times!

Thanks for the support, all you Dino Diggers! Your positive feedback will keep more dinosaurs and more content coming!