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Rated: 4 Stars based on 57 user reviews (06/10/2012).

Do you have this kids Nook app and would like to review it? Please leave your review in the comments before and if we select it as our “featured review” we’ll give you a $10 gift certificate to the Nook store! Toddler Fun Counting is a great way to introduce toddlers and pre-k children to numbers gradually and in a fun manner. It invites kids to count more than 40 different kinds of objects/animals. The app is specially designed to keep them engaged with motivational cues.

Kids will develop three basic math skills:

1. They learn the practice of COUNTING.
2. They learn the NAMES of the numbers.
3. They are introduced to the number SYMBOLS.

Toddler Fun Counting includes a set of motivational cues to keep kids engaged. They will continue counting to get STARS, ribbons and eventually a trophy. Everytime they count they get a STAR. They need to count 10 times to get a RIBBON and 10 ribbons to get the TROPHY. When they get the trophy, they will also get a DIPLOMA which can be emailed and printed to hang on their wall. Wait untill you see their pride when they get the Counting Master Diploma!

When they finish counting, you can reset the counter from the settings page.

The app has settings to help parents customize the learning experience for a kid’s skill and age. You can start them counting to 5. Then you can increase the maximum to 10, 15 and 20. This fosters gradual learning.

The settings page has two different ways of counting. You can choose, same objects or different objects. Same objects are better for beginning counters. You can also choose whether the “more” button generates the next number in the series or a random number. You can also customize the counting screen and different sounds.