6 Classic Children’s Books Your Kids Will Love

Instill a love of books in your children early by reading to them regularly. There’s plenty of classic children’s books to pick from, all of which feature memorable characters and lessons younglings will take with them always. Check out a few top picks before creating your reading list:

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Where The Wild Things Are

No list of classic children’s books would be complete without Maurice Sendak’s Where The Wild Things Are. The tale tells of a “naughty” boy named Max who is sent to bed without dinner, only to discover a magical world full of funny–if not sometimes scary–creatures of varying size. Max learns that “being wild” can be tiring, with the book’s award-winning illustrations one of the many reasons this story is so timeless.

The Giving Tree

Shel Silverstein’s story of the friendship between a boy and a tree is truly one for the ages. The Giving Tree offers numerous interpretations, however all of them relate back to the universal theme of selfless love.

Green Eggs And Ham

Dr. Seuss is another author who appears on any classic children’s book list, and there’s no explanation needed as to why! Green Eggs And Ham features only 50 words, and functions as a fantastic ‘I Can Read’ book for the younger readers in your household.

Goodnight Moon

The bedtime story from Margaret Wise Brown offers the comfort children need as they drift into slumber. A tale of parental love and the many objects to say goodnight to within a bedroom, this story will surely become one of your children’s pre-beddy-bye favorites.

The Lion & The Mouse

This beloved Aesop’s fable is the story of a fearless lion showing mercy to a petrified mouse who unwittingly runs across the beast’s nose. Instead of eating the tiny rodent, the lion lets him go. The mouse swears he will repay the lion someday, which makes the lion laugh. However, the lion soon becomes ensnared in a hunter’s rope trap, which the mouse chews through and sets the lion free. The moral of this tale? A kindness is never wasted.


The fantasy story by Chris Van Allsburg is best for older children, as they may never look at board games the same way again! The wild animals and people the story’s two children encounter while playing the game is a recipe for excitement. Read it to your kids on a rainy day when they’re bored!

What are your favorite children’s books and why?