5 Tips For Raising Boys As Gentlemen

Raise your boys to be gentlemen! The world always needs a few good men, so doing your part certainly helps. Keep the following tips in mind and enjoy watching your boys become the gentlemen you know they can be!

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Emphasize the importance of listening to your sons. Let them know they need to listen to girls as much as their fellow boys, whether taking in an opinion, allowing a friend to vent, or remaining calm while someone tells them not-so-nice things. Stress the importance of listening in school as well, as it helps prepares them for college and subsequently the real world.

Be Polite

Stress the importance of being polite to your male spawn. Teach them to say “Please”, “Thank you”, “Excuse me,” and (when necessary) “I’m sorry.”

Understand That “No” Means “No”

Make certain your boys understand that “no” means “no.” This is a huge part of learning to be respectful of women, regardless of female behavior or how they are dressed. Give your sons something to think about, such as how most men aren’t rapists, but the ones who aren’t do very little about it. Raise your boys to support women no matter what, and to take action if they see a female being harassed.


Ensure your boys know the necessity of acknowledging their actions. Getting defensive after doing something “wrong” is hardly gentlemanly behavior, and not the way to cultivate respect. The flip side of this coin is acknowledging when your sons do the right thing–be sure to let them know how proud you are of them!


Let your boys know that it is always a good idea to ask if others need help. They might not always need it, but it’s still nice to be asked. Helping others is a true mark of a gentleman!

Hope this helps! What else helps a boy become a gentleman? Share your ideas in the comments.