Charge Your iPhone in Record Time

There is nothing more important than battery health when it comes to your smartphone. When your iPhone’s battery runs out of steam, it’s really nothing more than a pretty paperweight, incapable of doing anything until it’s charged up again. And that can be a mandatory three to four hour wait, especially if your phone conked out at zero percent battery life.

There are a handful of hacks you can employ to charge your iPhone in record time and get it back in working order as soon as possible. Check these out!

Use an iPad charger

iPad charger

The iPhone ships with a standard 1A/.5amps power supply, which is capable of charging your device at the relatively slow speed typical for any USB charging cable. The iPhone is capable of quick charging, though, and has been for some time.

To cut the charging time in half, plug your iPhone into any wall outlet with your iPad’s charging cable, which operates at 2.1 amps, and will significantly cut down the amount of time your phone needs to recharge to 100 percent.

Put it in Airplane Mode when charging

turn on airplane mode on iPhone

Designed to comply with airline regulations, Airplane Mode is a setting that simultaneously turns off your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular service. With everything powered off but your actual phone, this also means your iPhone cannot receive app updates and notifications, two things that can seriously drain your battery. Turning on Airplane Mode when charging your phone can, theoretically, cut your charging time by one-third.

How do you turn on Airplane Mode? The fastest way to is swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone’s homescreen or lock screen to reveal the Control Center. The Airplane Mode icon is on the top left. When it’s turned on, the icon will light up white. When your phone has finished charging, don’t forget to turn Airplane Mode off!

Turn your phone off when charging

Similar to throwing your phone into Airplane Mode, shutting your phone down after plugging it in a wall socket will prevent your device from receiving notifications and alerts, allowing it to do one thing only: charge as quickly as possible.

To shut your phone off, press and hold down the horizontal power button on the right side of your device until you see the “slide to power off” message. Move the slider to the right, and your phone will shut off. Your iPhone was designed to automatically turn on when plugged into an outlet, so be sure to perform these steps only after you’ve started charging your phone.