Expand Your Family’s Vocabulary With this iPhone/iPad Trick

There are more than a few apps for kids and adults that can help to beef up your vocabulary, but one integrated feature on the iPhone and iPad can do the same with a simple click, and without downloading or installing anything extra.

Define text on your iDevice

define word on iPhone

This tip works on both the iPad and the iPhone. To get your iDevice to define words for you using its built-in dictionary, simple highlight a word on any web page by clicking on it with your finger, and then choose the “define” option from the menu that pops up above the word in question.

word definition

Your Apple device will take you straight to the definition of the word you want to learn more about. Tapping the “search web” option in the lower right hand of the screen will  lead you to more information online where you delve even deeper into a word’s meaning and usage.