Close up of hands charging mobile phone

Learn to Charge Your iPhone the Right Way

Your iPhone battery is one of the best available in the smartphone market. Still, if you’re a heavy user, it can sometimes seem your battery barely lasts through the day and often conks out just when you need your phone most.

Are you charging your iPhone the right way? Today we’re going to cut through the charging myths and help you make the most of your iPhone’s battery life.

Battery misconceptions

Smartphone batteries have changed a lot over the years and many of us are still treating our batteries as if they came out of the 90s. At one time we were told to drain our batteries to near zero and charge up then, and only then. That’s no longer necessary today, and doing so can actually decrease the overall life of your iPhone battery.

Forget everything you’ve learned in the past!

How to charge your iPhone battery the right way

Your iPhone comes with a top-of-the-line lithium-ion polymer battery. The experts at Battery University tell us that lithium-ion batteries should be treated much differently than the nickel-based batteries of days gone by.

A few short tips:

  • Top off your battery when you can. You no longer need to wait for your battery to completely drain before charging. Whenever you’re near a power outlet or USB source, it’s best to plug your phone in and charge away.
  • Charge indoors when possible. Extreme heat and extreme cold aren’t good for your phone or its battery, and those temperatures can actually hinder proper charging.
  • Partially charge your battery before storing or turning the phone off. If you’ll be away from your phone for an extended amount of time or need to turn your phone off overnight, try to make sure your iPhone’s battery is charged to at least 40 percent.
  • Remove from the power source when fully charged. Don’t leave your iPhone plugged in when the battery level reaches 100 percent charged.
  • Keep your phone cool. Things like weather and heavy duty iPhone cases can cause your phone to overheat, thereby wearing your battery out over time. If your iPhone case is the issue, try a different one. In extreme heat or cold, try to keep your phone tucked away inside a bag or pocket and in the shade when not in use to keep it cool.

If you’ve had your iPhone for years and the battery is nearing the end of its life, remember that Apple has an inexpensive battery replacement program.