Tips On Getting Your Child’s Attention Without Raising Your Voice

Teach your child to communicate by example. While raising your voice is sometimes necessary, it is hardly something you need to do on a daily basis. Review a few ways to get a tired/fussy/grumpy child to do what you want without using an angry tone.

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Lean In

Lean in close to your child and put your finger on your lips. Make the “Sssh!” sound while maintaining eye contact. This should let your child know you are serious! You may have to whisper more than once, but as long as you remain consistent and serious you should be in good shape.

Pull The Child Towards You

Pull your child towards to you get her attention, particularly if she’s being squirmy or doesn’t want to accept that it’s bedtime. Hold her gently for a few minutes so she calms down and begins to understand that now is the time for bed.

Address A Behavior

Address what your child is doing and why it is incorrect, such as refusing to share a toy that belongs to both her and her sister. Saying “No!” or “Stop! Don’t do that!” doesn’t exactly send a lasting message, so take the time to explain that the toy is for both of you and that her sister has just as much right to it as she does. Suggest asking her sister if she can play with the toy now and give it to the sibling when she’s finished.

Use A Firm But Soft Voice

Make an impact without yelling!

“When you speak in a calm but firm soft voice, children have to work to listen — and they most always do. The calmer and softer you speak, the more impact your words will have,” a child expert told

Try these tips…and see if you don’t enjoy glorious results!