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2BME Firefighter is not just another fire prevention app. Its unique 3D design takes you on a virtual tour of the life of a firefighter. Bright colors and real life sound effects add to the learning experience. During the tour of Station 21, you will be able to answer the calls as they come into the station; sound the alarm; dress a firefighter, after you slide him down the pole; check out the tools, bells and whistles on the truck; and learn about fire safety and prevention. In addition to touring the station, you will have the opportunity to rescue a cat from a tree and put out a fire in an apartment building.

After you have toured the station, performed the rescue and extinguished the fire, you can visit the classroom for a question and answer session to test what you have learned. An in-app tutorial is also available, and though it is very well done, it isn’t needed in most cases as the app is so kid friendly that my little 1 ½ year-old tester was able to use it with a little help.

In most cases the user can retouch the interactive objects multiple times. I would like to suggest to the developer that they make this consistent throughout the app; such as when dressing the fireman, allow the user to repeat the process as many times as they wish; same thing for putting out the fire at the apartment building. One other suggestion is to have an end to the classroom Q&A with some kind of visual reward for the user.

We enjoyed this app so much that we look forward to what 2BME Studios does next; possibly adding additional activities to this app or to developing new apps for other professions; such as a policeman, doctor, dentist, teacher; the possibilities are endless!

2BME Firefighter is a universal app and works well on either device.

Bottom-line: 2BME Firefighter is a unique educational app in a field of its own. What a fantastic way to teach children about the world around them.
2BME Firefighter, the first release from 2BME Studios, is an immersive 3D look into the daily duties of a Firefighter complete with bright, colorful graphics, custom sound effects and more.

2BME Studios puts a unique twist on role playing focusing on both education and fun. 2BME Studios innovative approach to children’s app development allows children to explore a physical learning style, allowing them to interact with the environment and learn about what Firefighters do.