3 Awesome Fort Ideas

Forts are a childhood pastime, whether indoors or out. If your children have shown signs of wanting to play in a fort or have flat-out asked you for “building materials,” use the following ideas to inspire your DIY efforts.

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Lit-Up Cardboard Box

Use a hole punch or knife to make holes in the top of a cardboard box. Weave small string lights through the holes to create a “star-filled” fort ceiling. Use white or colored lights, or mix both. Add to the fort if you like by placing a pillow and comforter within its walls. Throw a few toys in the mix to provide your child with a private, if small, sanctuary for reading picture books and more.

Lincoln Log-Style Fort

Acquire large, sturdy cardboard tubes to create a Lincoln log-style fort. Create cuts in the tubes similar to the cuts featured on real log cabins so they fit together perfectly. Use flat pieces of cardboard to make the roof or a large piece of fabric. Every kid in the neighborhood will want to see the result!

Hall-Style Fort

Gather numerous medium-sized cardboard boxes to create an intricate fort. Kids will feel like they’re crawling forever down the fort “hall” that leads to a “tower” or room. Remember to punch holes through the fort ceiling to ensure proper airflow, and add lights as needed. This fort idea is ideal for large basements or backyards. If you plan to build the fort in the backyard, put a tarp down first so the cardboard doesn’t get wet from the ground.

Look to Pinterest for these and other awesome fort ideas! Use blankets to make forts if you don’t want to use cardboard, or a combination of the two. Get your kids’ input to create the fort they’ve always wanted!