4 Ideas For Turning Your Kids’ Artwork Into Gifts

Have you ever thought of making gifts out of your children’s artwork? They function as excellent presents for relatives, friends, and teachers…with a little help from you. Review a few ideas for turning your kiddies’ artwork into keepsakes:

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Work with your scanner or high-resolution digital camera to photograph the kids’ horizontal artwork. Print an image on a 81/2 x 11-inch sheet of plain vellum paper and wrap it around a glass vase. Measure and cut the paper first for best results. Use double-sided tape to affix the paper to the vase and place a battery-operated tea light inside said vase. The result is a wonderful gift for teachers, aunts, and uncles.

Iron-On Pouches

Use this idea to create practical, fun gifts for school friends. Take photos of the kids’ artwork, then reduce the size of the photos so they fit on small canvas pouches or tote bags. Print the images onto iron-on transfer paper, peel off the backings, and iron the images on the pouches or bags. Plain white pouches/bags are best for this project.

Covered Journal

Create one-of-a-kind journals for friends and relatives by first purchasing a few notebooks from your local dollar store. Place an open notebook on the back of your child’s artwork and trace around the edges. Leave a 1/2 -inch border. Cut the tracer out and coat the notebook’s cover with a glue stick. Hold the notebook open, press the spine down the back of your little ‘un’s masterpiece, then press the covers down. Smooth all wrinkles, cut notches at the top and bottom of the book’s spine, and cut diagonal lines at the corners. Fold the corners down and glue them to the inside of the cover. Use clear contact paper over the artwork to protect it and follow the same process.


Make fabulous hostess gifts using your younglings’ artwork and plain terra cotta planters. Paint the exterior of the pots with brightly-colored acrylic paint and allow to dry. Add glue onto cut up pieces of your children’s artwork, then affix them to the pots. Make certain the artwork is completely smooth all around the pots before you let them dry. Spray a few coats of clear, glossy varnish to complete the project.

Have your children help you with the process if you want, but regardless be sure to let them know their artwork is being used in beautiful ways! They’ll feel proud and happy you think so much of their art that you want to use it for gifting purposes.