5 Tips For Vacationing With Your Baby

Getting ready to travel with your baby for the first time? Don’t panic, as it is possible to travel with an infant without ruining your trip or making a plane full of people hate you. Keep the following tips in mind as you prepare for your vacation and remember to relax and enjoy:

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Equipment Rental

Forget bringing the stroller, car seat, and other baby-tastic equipment unless you really want to check five pieces of luggage instead of one or none. Research baby equipment rental options, such as Baby’s Away, and set up whatever rental options you require before you arrive at your destination. If you’re staying at a hotel, call to learn if they offer cribs and anything else baby-related for rent.


Remember, babies are very sensitive to heat, and easily become dehydrated when exposed to direct sunlight for too long. Bring sunblock specially made for babies, as well as hats and even little sunglasses. Don’t plan to spend the entire day outside either…unless you want to deal with a very unhappy baby all night long.

The same is true for cold weather–be sure you have the items necessary to preparing your baby for chilly temperatures. Babies get cold easily as well!


Refrain from over-scheduling your trip, rather under-schedule and see if you have time for more activities. This doesn’t mean you have to spend your days at the hotel instead of sightseeing, but it does mean staggering your plans. Babies tire quickly and need naps, so relax when yours is sleeping…you are on vacation, after all!

Additionally, it’s a very good idea to be flexible when it comes to scheduling and anything else involving your vacation. Plans can change at the last minute, or you might have to go back to the hotel to get more diapers. Whatever it is, roll with it.


Rent a car or use your own if you can unless public transportation at your destination ain’t no thang. In terms of transporting the baby, consider a stroller or one of those convenient baby carriers that allow you to “wear” your little ‘un.


Familiarize yourself with your destination so you have an idea of where attractions, restaurants, restrooms, and bus stops are located. The GPS on your phone is helpful with this, but it’s still a good idea to have at least some notion of what’s around.

Enjoy your vacation!