6 Mother-Son Date Ideas

We’ve discussed numerous ideas for mother-daughter “dates,” but what about those for moms and their sons? Boys need special attention just as much as their sisters, so if strapped for ideas concerning what you and your favorite little man can do together, check out the following options:

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Bike Rides

Take your son for a bike ride around a park, the neighborhood, or any other favorite area. Bike rides are fabulous forms of low-impact exercise, and provide the opportunity to explore new trails and (safe) roads together.


Have you already taken your daughter out for a picnic at a favorite park? Why not do the same for your son? Pack favorite foods, juice, and water, as well as a nice comfortable blanket for sitting. Once you’re finished your meal, take a stroll and see how many plants, trees, birds, and other animals you and your son can identify.

Fort Building

Does your little guy LOVE building forts? Why not make one with him? Clear out a section of your den or basement rec room and use pillows, sheets, and perhaps a few chairs to build a fantastic fort. Allow your son to make it his special place where he keeps a few toys and whatever else he wants to use.

Backyard Camping

Have a Mommy-Son camping adventure in your backyard! Pitch a tent, fill it with pillows and sleeping bags, and make s’mores in your fire pit, if applicable. Play games, tell ghost stories with a flashlight, etc.

Baking Fun

Bake cookies together! This emphasizes that cooking and baking is hardly just for girls, and gives your son the chance to learn a little about what goes on in the kitchen. He might find he has a real talent for baking and wants to keep at it!

Garden Time

Spend some time planting a garden together, or maintaining existing gardens. If you don’t have ground to plant a garden, there’s always container gardening. Give your son his own little plot or container(s) and enjoy watching his excitement as his vegetables and flowers thrive. Use gardening activities as a chance to teach him about self-sufficiency and growing your own food.

Arcade Activities

Take your favorite boy to the local arcade! Have him show you his favorite video games, and feel free to introduce him to yours, such as Ms. Pac Man or Super Mario Bros. Find games you can do together as well, such as the classic Skeeball.