7 Date Night Ideas With The Kids

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Date Night isn’t an adults-only thing! There’s plenty of fantastic date night ideas that involve bringing the little ones, any of which will result in hours of family fun. Check out a few ideas to inspire your next big night out:

Park Picnic

Pack a picnic lunch or stop by your favorite fast food joint before heading to your local park. Sit and eat, then walk it off by meandering around the park perimeter. Stop to look at interesting birds and plants, and make an afternoon-to-evening of it.

Laser Tag

Plan a night of laser tag if your kids are old enough. Laser tag is something pretty much everyone enjoys, no matter their age, as it offers all kinds of high-energy fun. Split the family into boys versus girls if you like, or children versus adults. You’ll laugh, you’ll get “lasered,” and you’ll have an absolutely grand time.

Drive-In Movie

Take the family to a drive-in movie if such a theater exists near you, and enjoy watching either a current release or a classic film. Drive-ins are more novel than ever, so why not expose your children to this timeless option?


Go swimming at your local pool, lake, or the ocean if it’s nearby. If you and your family are self-proclaimed water babies, endless fun awaits you in various bodies of water. If you visit the local lake, take some time to go paddle boating, or attempt the famous high dive.


Enjoy going on a drive and just talking! See the local sights, look at beautiful landscapes, and simply enjoy being together. End the drive with a stop at an ice cream parlour or other favorite eatery. Your children will always remember evening drives with Mom and Dad!

Themed Party

Throw a special family-only themed party! Make it a tea party, a costume party, a formal, or anything else the appeals to everyone. Enjoy getting dressed up and having a special dinner. Make it a monthly thing if desired, and have everyone write their theme ideas down. Place the themes in a hat and draw one to see whose theme wins for the month.


Have a great time at your local bowling alley. As with laser tag, bowling is one of those activities that most people enjoy, and if your family bowls, make it a date night option sure to please everyone.

What are your favorite family date night ideas?