7 Indoor Family Game Ideas

When the weather outside is all kinds of frightful and you and your family are confined to the indoors, there’s plenty of options for having fun. Spend your time indulging in a variety of indoor games and activities designed to keep everyone enthralled for hours:

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Mad Libs

The classic game of missing words equals lots of laughter! Pick up a few Mad Libs tablets next time you’re at a retail store and save them for a rainy day.

Card Crafts

Your stockpile of crafting supplies are a great help on bad weather days. Take out the cardstock, glue, glitter, stickers, magazine images, and any other embellishments you have to use for card crafts. Have the kids make cards for their grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc. Handmade cards are always appreciated, and provide the entertainment your children need to stave off boredom.

Scavenger Hunt

Why not have a scavenger hunt indoors? Divide the family into groups of two or three (depending on how many younglings you have) and give each group a list of items to procure within the home. Make it so each team has to explore the entire household, which can include the basement and attic if applicable. Kids will especially love finding items in areas they don’t normally spend time in, such as the aforementioned options and their older siblings’ bedrooms.

Hide And Seek

This game never gets old! It’s just as fun for adults as it is children, and works really well as an indoor game if you have a reasonably large house. Hide and Seek is an easy and very fun way to spend a snowy or sweltering-hot afternoon indoors.


The classic game offers many chances to be creative. See if you can make a domino trail that spans several rooms or the entire first floor before letting said trail “domino.”

Indoor Bowling

Empty water and soda bottles and a rubber ball provide the makings of an indoor bowling lane. Use 20-ounce bottles for best results, and try setting up in a long hallway or hardwood flooring area.

Fort Fun

Pillows, assorted furniture pieces, and sheets provide the supplies you need to make forts. Create a few forts for kids so they can have fun “visiting” each other, sending notes, etc. Go a step further and have each child decorate their fort with a theme in mind, such as princesses, pirates, and so on.

Try these and other creative indoor games and activities with your little ‘uns!