7 Truths Mothers To Boys Know Very Well

As a mother of boys, there’s probably more than a few “truths” you know very, very well. Raising boys is certainly different from raising girls, but just as rewarding and fun. Check out a few truths moms raising boys know so well and see if you don’t nod in agreement to some if not all:

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Truth #1: Underwear Is Not Just Underwear

With boys, underwear is often more than just…underwear. The undergarments also function as hats, superhero costume components, and whatever else boys come up with.

Truth #2: Gas Is Funny

Gas–whatever orifice it comes out of–is usually hilarious to boys. Hopefully they’ll grow out of this, because 30-year-old men who still find bathroom humor hysterical isn’t going to impress many women. If you don’t want to corral your boys on the subject just yet, give it a few years.

Truth #3: LEGOS Are Everywhere

Do your boys love their LEGOS? Be careful where you step. The classic children’s toy is a bane for parents thanks to the millions of tiny pieces that end up all over the house. Rather than wondering if your couch cushions are breeding LEGOS, create a bin in the playroom exclusively for the toy and emphasize the importance of putting things back where they belong to your kids.

Truth #4: Aim Is An Issue

Boys have to learn to aim when they urinate, something you obviously don’t have to concern yourself with if raising girls. Helping them get over their aiming issues as soon as possible isn’t a bad idea…unless you want your bathroom to reek.

Truth #5: There’s No Helping The Goldfish

Goldfish frequently end up stepped on, in jean pockets, swallowed, and bathed when they’re in the care of boys. Skip the pets part of your kids’ childhood until they’re old enough and responsible enough to take care of them. Cats, for example, are a universal pet for a reason–they practically take care of themselves.

Truth #6: They Usually Love “Creepies”

Are your boys fascinated by bugs, spiders, worms, lizards, frogs, and anything else that’s creepy and or slimy? You’re hardly alone. What’s important is making certain your boys aren’t bringing the creepy crawlies into the house.

Truth #7: Their Love Is For Always

Little boys are actually very sensitive creatures, something to keep in mind. The world teaches them not to cry or express any emotion that’s not anger, which hardly does any good! Keep in mind that the sensitivity is there and that they love you unconditionally. If your boys get hurt or sick, you’re the one they want. Always.