8 Ways To Make Your Child’s Birthday Super-Special

Your child’s birthday is deeply special, and it’s important to celebrate it in grand style. There’s plenty of fabulous ways to ensure the day is one your child will cherish, so read on and see if you aren’t inspired:


Special Breakfast

Make a special birthday breakfast featuring foods your child doesn’t eat regularly. Think pancakes or waffles, as well as fruit milkshakes. Add whipped cream to the pancakes or waffles, and don’t hold back on the syrup! This is a great way to make the day special from the minute your child wakes up.

Special Birthday Message

Write special birthday messages on all appropriate surfaces using dry-erase markers. Mirrors are a great place to start, such as bathroom and dresser mirrors. Go a step further if desired and write birthday messages in sidewalk chalk on your front and back steps, driveway, sidewalk, etc.

Special Drink

Invent a delicious smoothie drink and name it after your child!

Special Birthday Crown

Make a wonderful birthday crown for your child to wear all day. Use card stock or other durable craft paper to construct the crown, and be sure to write your child’s name and how old he or she is turning on the front. Add as many embellishments as you like, such as sequins, beads, glitter glue, and faux jewels. Feel free to encrust the crown with faux jewels to make a dazzling piece of headwear!

Special Photo Shoot

Create a birthday photo shoot for your child using props if desired. This is also a fun activity for a birthday party later in the day…kids generally love playing dress-up, so offer a few old dresses and other fun clothes to try on.

Special Flowers Or Balloons

Have flowers or balloons delivered to your child’s school as another special birthday surprise.

Special Birthday Chair

Decorate your child’s usual dinner table chair with streamers, crepe paper, and anything else you can fit on there. Designate it as the birthday boy or girl’s “throne”!

Special Birthday Countdown

Create even more excitement by crafting a birthday countdown calendar…paper chains are perfect for this! Make one using your child’s favorite colors, and place a picture of him or her at the top of the chain with the words “Birthday Boy” or “Birthday Girl” written on it.

These are merely a few of the many special ways to make your child’s birthday truly unforgettable!

What are your favorite birthday ideas? Share them in the comments section!