9 School Lunch Packing Hacks

Much like wondering what you are going to have for dinner, wondering what the heck to put in the kids’ lunchboxes gets old fast. Save yourself from agonizing over what healthy foods to pack and how to pack them by utilizing the following hacks. They will definitely help you sidestep “What on Earth am I going to do today??” grief!

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Easy Icepacks

Soak colorful sponges in water, then freeze them. Place the resulting frozen sponges in plastic bags and use them to keep your kids’ lunches cold. This idea works a whole lot better than standard ice packs, which tend to form condensation inside lunchboxes.

Divided Storage Container Hacks

Put divided storage containers to excellent use and make your own “lunchables.” For example, fill the largest section with whole wheat crackers, a small packet of a healthy spread, and some cheese slices. Fill the smaller sections with fruit and veggies, such as grapes and carrot sticks.

Butterfly Clothespin Separator

Decorate clothespins as butterflies (or however you see fit) and use them to keep lunch components divided. For example, separate lunch items with the clothespin in a plastic baggie so fruit is on one side and crackers are on the other.

Thermos Hack

Keep hot foods from getting soggy and nasty by storing them in small thermos. The 10-ounce options are ideal!

Pre-Sliced Apple Hack

Prevent apple slices from turning brown by slicing the fruit, reconstructing it, then wrapping it with a rubber band. This stops the juices from dripping and keeps the apple the right color until lunchtime.

DIY Squeeze Pouch

Purchase reusable squeeze pouches and fill them with healthy treats such as applesauce, yogurt, or smoothies.

Lunch Packing Station

Create a lunch packing station in your kitchen with a utility cart. Fill the cart with all of your necessary supplies, such as lunch boxes, plastic silverware, napkins, straws, tupperware, stainless steel canteens, etc.

Fridge Help

Place a metal bin in your refrigerator to house perishable lunchtime items, such as cups of fruit, yogurt, assorted cheeses, and so on.

Juice Drainer

Drain the juice from cups of fruit to avoid dealing with sticky lunchboxes when the kids come home. Poke a tiny hole in the top of the cup with a clean skewer, drain the juice, then cover the hole with tape.

Try these and other creative hacks and make packing lunches every day much easier! You will enjoy much less hectic mornings…and headaches before 9am.