9 Super-Cool Car Hacks

Driving with your kids doesn’t have to be awful, horrible, and terrible. There’s plenty of ways to keep the kiddies occupied, whether driving to the grocery store or the next state. Check out the following hacks and make your next car ride with the little ‘uns a pleasant one:

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Snack Basket

Fill a medium-sized basket with snacks and keep them in your trunk. Think bottles of water, nuts and seeds, and anything else that won’t spoil immediately from the heat of your vehicle. You’ll be happy to have this basket handy when the kids start talking about how hungry they are.

Seat Sheets

Never again deal with crumbs on your seats by throwing sheets over them. Simply remove them and shake out the mess whenever needed, and enjoy a much cleaner car.

Cookie Sheet Travel Trays

Use (clean) cookie sheets as “travel trays” for your kids. They’re ideal for enjoying snacks and juice, as well as reading books, coloring, doing puzzles, etc.

Tackle Box Snack Kits

Fill a (clean) tackle box with assorted snack items. Ideas include Cheerios, chocolate chips, pretzel bites, assorted nuts and seeds, chips, M&Ms…you get the idea. Your kids will spend plenty of time pouring over the box and concocting their own trail mixes.

Canvas Shoe Bag Activity Center

Tie a canvas shoe bag around the back of the driver or passenger’s seat and fill it with activities destined to keep kids busy for hours. Activity ideas include Mad Libs, coloring books with crayons and colored pencils, maps, puzzle books, cardstock crafts, etc. You might also want to throw a few favorite plush toys in the bag, as well as stickers and other embellishments for making “on the road” crafts.

Silicon Cupcake Liners For Cup Holders

Keep cup holders meticulously clean via silicon cupcake liners. The liners also make it possible to keep other items in the cup holders, such as spare change and keys.

DVD Coloring Case

Reuse an old DVD case to create a “coloring case” for the kids. Fill the case with colored pencils, blank sheets of paper for doodling, and anything else that fits and applies.

Travel Soap Box Storage

Fill travel soap boxes with extra crayons, decks of cards, and other small activity options.

Spill-Proof Sippy Cup

Insert a crazy straw upside down into your children’s favorite sippy cups. This makes it impossible for the kids to spill their drinks.

What are your favorite car hacks?