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abcNotes – ToDo & Checklists App Review

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I love sticky notes; I use them to help me remember important phone numbers and dates, make lists of what I need to do that day or for the week, and jot down anything I don’t want to forget. Basically they keep me organized. The problem with sticky notes is they sometimes lose their stickiness and end up disappearing or sticking to the oddest places and then you are without your reminders. All of these reasons are why I love the app, abc Notes – Checklist & Sticky Note Application. This app combines the look and usefulness of sticky notes with touch-screen technology. When you first open abc Notes, there are multiple instruction notes to help you learn how to make multiple types of notes and edit the ones you have already. These helpful hints make this app extremely user friendly. With abc Notes your lists will not only be functional but stylish; there are 88 desktop backgrounds and 45 note skins for you to choose from. The user also has the ability to add different icons to their notes. The user can change the size of the notes as well as rotate them. The notes can also be moved around different virtual desktops (you can have up to 15). Once you have made your notes, you can save and share them in multiple formats. abc Notes allows you to email notes and even whole desktops to yourself or others. Notes can also be synced between devices using iCloud and you can save images of notes to be put on your home or locked screens, enabling you to easily see what you need to remember or do. abc Notes is a great way to keep you organized in this digital world.

Price When Reviewed: $2.99 (limited time)

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Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

Seller: ALSEDI Group

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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abc Notes – Checklist & Sticky Note Application
abcNotes - ToDo & Checklists
where to Buy