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Addition Blocks for Education App Review

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Addition Blocks for Education is a brainteaser app that allows players to practice their addition skills in a fun and challenging way. The numbered blocks are stacked and players must be able to quickly select the correct numbers that add up to the target number in order break the blocks and move on to the next target number. With various speeds, difficulties, modes, and medals, this app is great for children to use at home or in school to practice their addition skills in a new way.
Features include:

  • 25+ Achievements
  • Customizable difficulty options
  • 2 Game modes


Addition Blocks for Education is a high quality, simple app for kids. The user interface is easy to use and does not require a ton of bells and whistles to work well. The graphics and sound effects are simple create an educational app children can use without being distracted. The developers have also included a simple explanation of how to play the app, which makes it great for children of all ages.


Some of the other math apps on the market help children practice addition seem to be very elementary, but Addition Blocks for Education provides enough challenge that even adults will enjoy the app. Not only are there a variety of difficulties and speeds available, there is also a more challenging aspect called the multiplier that provides extra bonus points for players. The multiplier awards players bonus points when they select a sum of numbers that is a multiple of the target sum. For instance, if the target sum is 4, players might select numbers that add up to 12 and receive 3X the amount of their points.

This is a great app to use at home or for teachers to use as a new and fun way to practice addition in the classroom. Not only will children enjoy a break from the more traditional practice, they may even want to challenge themselves with other math skills.


I often find some of the most entertaining apps to be those that incorporate a challenge and Addition Blocks for Education is certainly a challenging and fun app. What’s great is that the educational practice is worked into a fun game in a way that children feel like they are playing more of a puzzle than practicing their addition skills. With medals to win, high scores to beat, and a variety of other ways to challenge themselves, players will love this app.


Currently available for a discounted price of just under three dollars (through October), this app is worth every penny especially if you have children that are struggling a bit and need a boost of motivation in their math skills. This game is one that children will enjoy over and over again as they collect all of the achievements. You definitely don’t want to miss this app especially at the current price!

Child Friendliness

Developers have done a great job keeping this app easy to use and child friendly. Not only are there no outside links, advertisements, or in app purchases, they have also included an instruction section that teaches children how to play. For some children the explanation might be difficult to understand, but once they understand the concept, they are sure to enjoy the many challenges this app provides.

Parents and teachers alike will also enjoy this brainteaser app and may want to incorporate that as they encourage children and students to play and beat high scores.

Addition Blocks for Education
Addition Blocks for Education
A math app that is fun, easy to use, and challenging for even the most advanced players. This is one app parents and teachers don't want to miss out on!
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