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Join Ansel & Clair on another adventure to explore and learn about the Jurassic dinosaurs in this highly educational app.

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Available on the App Store

Ansel & Clair have set out on a new adventure and this time they are exploring the different types of Jurassic dinosaurs. This is the second in the three part series that teaches children a vast amount of information about specific dinosaurs from the Jurassic period all while building and photographing dinosaurs, collecting stickers, and taking notes in their travel log as they go. This is a wonderful app for any child that is intrigued with dinosaurs or simply want to learn more about these instinct creatures.

Features include:

  • 7 featured dinosaurs
  • Entertaining and interactive graphics
  • Travel log for notes and pictures
  • Puzzle and game activities

The graphics and interactive details of this application are done very well. There is a vast amount of information regarding dinosaurs that is presented in various ways and as children explore the different dinosaurs, there are fun options to learn more about them, opportunities to take photographs, and collect stickers for their travel log.

And as if that weren’t enough, the dinosaurs also move and make sounds that bring them to life with the tap of a finger, something children will really enjoy. There is also an option to add up to 4 players so in a family with more than one child, each child can have their own turn to learn and explore.

The only downside I can see with the quality of this app is in the transitions. When Ansel and Clair are moving from their home planet to the dig site or to the Jurassic period, there is a pause as the page loads and while it isn’t a terribly long wait (6-7 seconds), some children may become impatient. Even with that small downside this app offers plenty of great graphics with interactive components, audio, and a diverse set of activities for children making the overall quality very good.

I must say that the amount of information about the Jurassic dinosaurs included in this application far outweighs what I remember learning in school. There is so much information regarding what the dinosaurs ate, where they lived, the names of various dinosaurs, and so much more that children will gain in this app and though much of the information is in audio form, it is accompanied by photos and illustrations that pop up to add to the learning experience.

Another great feature is that children get to explore and can choose what they want to learn about as they go. There are various “play” buttons next to the dinosaurs that when touched will cause Ansel and Clair to move to that area and discuss the characteristics of that particular dinosaur. Children can also take notes on what they learned in their travel log as they add photos from their adventure.

Simply put this is a wonderful way for children to learn about the Jurassic dinosaurs and they may even teach their parents a thing or two about what they have learned.

While much of this app is education based with ample information about Jurassic dinosaurs, there are some features that add a little fun to the mix.

There are puzzles to complete, a design your own dinosaur activity, a camera to document your adventure, and various stickers you can earn to add to your travel log. These added activities help to provide an entertainment aspect to this app and ensures children will not suffer from information overload.

When you consider all of the information included in this app and the wonderful educational opportunity it provides for children, this is app is priced very well. For $1.99 you get a vast amount of information about the Jurassic dinosaurs in a very good quality app and I think parents will agree it is worth every penny.

I must admit that this app is not the most intuitive one I have seen for children, as it does require some exploring and trial and error to figure out how everything works. With that said there are various tools that pop up to assist players guiding them to move to the next item or to prompt them to tap a specific object. Once you get in and begin playing with the app, you get the hang of it pretty quickly, but some children may need a little guidance getting started.

As far as social media links are concerned, there are none so this is a completely safe app for children to use. There is an area on the main page that will link you to other Ansel and Clair apps, however in order to gain access to it you must answer a somewhat advanced multiplication problem. I thought this was a very unique feature and it adds a bit more security with the in app purchase links.

Overall I thought this app was fairly child friendly despite it not being the most intuitive app I have seen.

Available on the App Store