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Have you ever dreamed of gobbling up cupcakes and not gaining a pound!? Ape Cakes, the first app from OCD Technology, allows you to do just that; of course there is one little catch, you will need to guide an ape on roller skates through a jungle obstacle course and, oh yeah, he’s the one actually eating the cupcakes. Picking up the bananas along the way will really boost your experience. Fruit IS good for you! The ultimate reward for guiding the ape through snakes, rocks, spikes, spiders, logs and many other dangers; why being launched into a huge cake, of course!

If this sounds like the perfect adventure to you, then Ape Cakes is a must-have app. Ape Cakes is a game that anyone in the family can play. It is packed with a lot of fast action, an easy to use interface and bright colors and graphics; which only add to the fun. Ape Cakes is a universal app available at a reasonable price and it will provide hours of entertainment for your family. You might even find yourself playing it as much as the kids.

Who can resist a cupcake loving ape on a skate board!?

Bottom-line: Ape Cakes offers good family entertainment, hours of fun, all at a reasonable price.
Everybody knows what apes really love….CAKES!!!

Ape Cakes is the first release from OCD Technology Ltd and is a bundle of jungle fun for the whole family.

This game has already hit the top 25 kids games in the UK and is currently featured in the What’s Hot section.

An instantly playable game – just choose an ape on roller skates and grab the cakes. Avoid an array of jungle creatures and also a few extra pitfalls along the way.

Grab the bonus bananas for extra power ups and your ape will upgrade to a skate board, a jet pack or even a motorbike with a difference. Negotiate your way through the jungle and then hit the town, the shopping centre and also the beach!

Find your way to the end of the levels and your ape will hit the reward ramp and end up flying into the ultimate prize cake. Regular Price: $0.99