Apps That Can Teach Good Family Values


By Daniel Ors

Written by Fueled, award winning iOS app developers, we build amazing mobile apps.

The technological revolution has put the tools of communication and access in the hands of the everyman. With that added accessibility comes great responsibility, however. It’s all to easy to see the negative effects of technology on culture: from distracted drivers to families that no longer talk around the dinner table, each being too busy in their own imaginary social network to have a real, relational interaction with another human being. This problem has many, from educators to politicians to psychologists, deeply worried. However, as with all archetypes, there is a good side to this coin. That is, technology is a tool, when properly harnessed, can open the world to a plethora of possibilities-and positive family values aren’t excluded from this new horizon. Here are some apps that bring good family values into the world of smartphones and tablets, today.

Doing Family Right

This app was created with the busy, working parent in mind. In today’s world of speed, when progress seems to increase ever more with each passing day, it’s often easy to slip out of practice in the important things, especially when those involve coordinating with the hectic schedules of others. It’s sad that those others are often those closest to us-our family. Doing Family Right provides tips and tools that help parents equip themselves with the knowledge necessary to build a strong home and family. With podcasts and other resources available at the touch of a button, Doing Family Right is a great choice in today’s modern world.

Find My Kids

A good family stays together, with rules and boundaries respected at all times. However, once kids reach a certain age, it’s not always easy to trust them. Find My Kids allows parents to locate their children at any time. And, rather than a way to catch kids sneaking out, the app is recommended as a preventative measure. Openness with the program, that is, letting kids know that the app is there if you need it, is a great way to emphasize boundaries without necessitating constant attention. And, if you’ve got younger kids, Find My Kids is a great way to ensure that they’re not playing too far from home while you’re making dinner, doing paperwork, or otherwise performing necessary upkeep.


This app provides a wide range of services to parents. First, like Find My Kids, it allows parents to keep tabs on their offspring’s location. However, MamaBear goes much further. It sends parents notifications if their children are tagged in a photo, use bad language in the digital world, and otherwise post potentially compromising information online. Often, kids don’t understand the permanence and opportunity for embarrassment that the digital world can cause. However, sometimes the issue becomes all-too-clear with ‘cyberbullying.’ MamaBear guards against that too, with alerts provided if kids are being targeted by mean-spirited peers on the internet. All told, it’s an impressive collection of services for the modern parent.

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