Artkive Review


Would you love to save all your child’s artwork in one neat place?  Meet Artkive – the solution to all that artwork that is piling up around your home! I thought that this app would be great for moms and dads, and, of course their budding artists as well.

With Artkive, parents can chronologically store, share and print all of their child’s artwork or schoolwork.  I thought this was a great concept!  This system is intended to help parents keep the clutter down, and have their kid’s artwork on display where they can enjoy it.  Mom and Dad will never have to feel guilty again about stashing artwork in the closet when too much has been brought home.  Adding artwork to the Artkive is simple and very easy to organize.  Parents will basically use their device to take a photo of the artwork.  Photos can be organized by child’s name, grade, date, and much more.  Once parents have added their child’s artwork to the app, it can be easily shared among friends and family through the “share circle”.

One of the coolest features?  Parents can actually turn their Artkive into a high quality, hard cover book!  Creating an Artkive book is simple and can be done with little more than the touch of a button.  Parent, kids, and loved ones can enjoy flipping through the Artkive books together.  I am sure that grandparents would love to see their grandchild’s creativity on display – what a great gift that would be!

I enjoyed the Artkive app.  I love apps like this that encourage creativity among children.  I think once kids see what Artkive can do, they will want to make even more artwork to put on display!  I would definitely recommend this app to parents who have little artists!

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.