Awesome Board Game Options For Family Night

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Board games provide hours of fun for people of all ages, which is why they’re as popular as ever. Games are often family night go-tos, so if looking for a classic option to play with your favorite people, check out the following suggestions:


Boggle requires players to find as many words as they can on a 4×4 grid while racing against a three-minute sand timer. Points are accumulated for finding words other players don’t. Boggle is celebrated as an “addictive” game that’s very fast-paced.


The timeless whodunit game involves figuring out if it was “Miss Scarlet in the library with the rope,” “Colonel Mustard in the conservatory with the revolver,” etc. It’s ideal for all of the junior detectives in your family.


The Game of Life is always a good time! It starts by deciding whether to go to college or start your career, then getting married, buying a house, having children, celebrating assorted career and personal milestones, and so on. Retirement is at the end of the game, and requires summing up how much you’ve earned over the course of your life.

Million Dollar Password

This game was inspired by Who Wants To Be A Millionaire starring Regis Philbin, and is easy enough to set up and learn how to play, though only four players at a time are allowed.

Chutes And Ladders

If you break the rules playing this board game, you must slide down assorted chutes. If you “behave,” you get to climb the ladder of success. Chutes And Ladders is renowned as the classic game of good versus evil “with a little luck thrown in.”

Ticket To Ride

No, we’re not talking about the famous Beatles song, but a super-fun board game that concerns building up sets of cards in order to claim routes and subsequently “complete your tickets.” It’s an easy, fun game that’s definitely for the whole family.


Seriously, who isn’t a fan of Candyland? The iconic “racing” board game is all about saving King Kandy from the evil Lord Licorice. Players pass through the lands of various characters, including the Gum Drop Mountains, Lollipop Woods, Peppermint Forest, and the Ice Cream Sea.

These are just some of the numerous fantastic board games to enjoy with your family! Make a weekly thing of it, or schedule at least one game night a month. Have fun!

What are your favorite board games of all time?