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BabyFirst Encyclopedia is an app for younger children, designed to introduce them to animals at the zoo, farm and sea, vehicles of all kinds, fruits, veggies and famous art. This pared down encyclopedia is ideal for little learners, reinforcing language skills through fun pictures, clear audio and written cues. Best of all, it’s entirely free.

Quality Content

BabyFirst Encyclopedia is quite nice, especially when you consider that it’s a free application. The photos are bright, varied and interesting. It’s a great way to encourage early language recognition in little ones, and the app’s repetitive nature was a big hit with the toddler crowd here at home. One feature we all missed was sound effects. It’s great that the app has a clear voice reading each item and shows the word in written form, but if you’ve ever shown a toddler a picture of a police car the first thing he wants to know is if it makes a noise.

Kid-Friendly User Interface

BabyFirst Encyclopedia touts more than 100 images, but somehow the kids made it through the entire library lickity split. That’s thanks in part to the app’s super kid-friendly user interface. Even the app’s home screen is designed to engage their minds and react to their little fingers. Each category in the encyclopedia is represented on a train car. Once they’re in the category they can scroll from side to side between photos to progress, or tap any image to hear the word again and see it written down.

There is one link to outside content in BabyFirst Encyclopedia. It’s at the very end of the train, so it does look pretty tempting to kids. Thankfully, it requires a certain type of long touch to launch the link, and it leads to the developer’s website, not directly to the App Store. We won’t be taking off too many points heresince the devs made an effort to keep the app kid-friendly.

Bottom line

BabyFirst Encyclopedia is a charming, educational photo gallery app for young children with the perfect price tag. I suggest adding it to your iPhone without any hesitation.

Early learning app for babies and toddlers.

★ AppsForHomeSchooling.com, 5/5 stars
“BabyFirst Encyclopedia is charming – the artwork is adorable and the photographs are all engaging choices.
Little ones love repetition, bright pictures, and simple words, this app covers all those bases.
Whether your little one loves vehicles or farm animals – all the common high interest categories can be found here.
It’s free – if you have toddlers, check it out!”


– 6 learning categories
– 100+ colorful images
– Each image is voiced
– Art category featuring art by Klimt, Cézanne, Vincent van Gogh, etc.
– Controls developed specifically for the fingers of babies and toddlers
– Cozy fabric styled design elements


– The Zoo
– Transportation
– The Farm
– Underwater World
– Harvest
– Bonus Pack: Art

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