More Back-To-School Tips For Parents

Starting a new year of school is challenging for both kids and parents, and that’s okay! Help your kids ease into their new school settings…and help yourself get used to the change. Use the following tips to make the process a whole lot more streamlined:

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Take A Tour

Take a tour of the school whenever an open house is announced, or any other time it is acceptable to do so. This is a fantastic way to familiarize your child with his or her new environment so everything does not seem so foreign and scary on the first day. Find the child’s desk, meet the teacher, swing on the swings at the playground…anything you can do helps. A lot.

Call Friends

Try calling parents from last year’s class to learn whether your child will share the classroom with their children this year. Schedule a school carpool or a playdate to revitalize these relationships. Even knowing one person is enough to help quell your child’s nerves.

Obtain The School Supply List

Get a copy of the school supply list and go on a special shopping trip with your child. Going to school with the right tools is yet another way to help your child feel confident on the first day, especially if said tools include a cool new folder or notebook. Fun school supplies help your child get excited for school! Additionally, supply lists get you the inside scoop on what the year’s school work will involve.

Establish A Routine

Avoid drilling your child about what he or she learned last year. Instead, establish a routine in the weeks before school starts, such as getting up earlier, eating breakfast earlier, making certain you are at the school bus or car on time, etc. Children benefit greatly from routine, as it makes them feel comfortable and ready to take on the school year.

Talk It Out

Talk to your child about any anxieties he or she has about the new school session prior to the first day. Your child will love that you asked!

Has the above advice sparked any other back-to-school tips? Feel free to share them!