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  • Last modified: November 19, 2019
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Review Summary:

Anna and Dan’s parents are going on vacation…WITHOUT THEM! Who will stay with them? How long will their parents be gone? What are they going to do for 12 days without their mom and dad? All of these questions are answered in the adorable eBook app “Back Soon – Parents Vacation”. Complete with cute illustrations and fun rhyming text, this app will appeal to children of all ages.

When mom and dad decide it’s time for them to go on a vacation without their kids, Anna and Dan are distraught. But when Grandma and Grandpa show up the next day with their pet dog Regina in tow, they decide that maybe the next 12 days won’t be so bad! They do fun things like visit a farm and eat pizza and ice cream. However, after a few days, the novelty begins to wear off and the children start to miss their parents! They are able to talk to them through Face Time and they also have a “Longing Chart” where they can count down the days until their parents get home and mark off each day as it ends. Before they know it, their parents are walking through the door and their family is reunited!

I thought this eBook was simply charming. I love the concept behind this story because, as a mother of four, I have kids who get a bit anxious when mom and dad are gone for a few days. I love that I have this tool now to help them cope and understand that we will be back and how to pass the time. The app has fun interactive illustrations on each page as well as a “Longing Chart” that your child can personalize and use when you go out of town. Back Soon – Parents Vacation is a wonderful story to share with your children with a valid and useful message. Your family will surely enjoy reading this story together!

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars