alance Bike Replacement Tire

Strider kids Ultralight Wheel is a brand new bicycle wheel which can be used as a replacement tire for damaged balance bike tires. This balance bike replacement tire is a high quality replacement tire which is often packaged in original packages. Choose your favorite color to match the look of your kid’s balance bike. The wheel comes in a lot of different colors


Features and specifications

The features and specifications possessed by this particular wheel makes it to be considered as the perfect balance bike replacement wheel. Basically, it is durable, meaning that it takes quite a long time before it wears out. Imagine all your kids riding the same balance bike, without the need of replacing the tires. Let’s look at other features of this balance bike replacement tire.
1. Strong Custom strider rim

The wheel is made up of a very strong custom rims. The rims come in different custom colors from which you can ask your kid to choose from. The strength of the rim contributes a lot when it comes to durability of your wheel, meaning that you won’t need to replace the shell now and then.
2. Sealed Cartridge bearing

The cartridge bearings of this particular balance bike replacement tire are sealed. Generally, this is significant in ensuring that the wheel, and the bike, as a whole can be ridden at ease, without any hindrance to the wheels.
3. Durable EVA polymer tire

The tires are made from high quality EVA polymer. Therefore, in terms of durability, this particular balance bike replacement has won it. It never uses air, basically because of the material used in making it.

Advantages of using Strider Kids Ultralight wheel

1. Maintenance free.

There is no maintenance required when it comes to Strider Ultralight wheel. What makes this possibility is the amazing design and components used in making this tire. For instance, the tire never uses air, and therefore you won’t have to pump in air, now and then. Absolutely no flat tire will ever occur.

2. Light in weight

Strider Ultralight wheel is lighter in weight, as compared to air filled tires. This is important and significant in that it makes it easy for the rider to control the bike. Your kid will therefore have an easy time learning how to ride a bike.

3. Long lasting

It is evident that these wheels are long lasting if you just look at the features it possesses. Your kid will ride the bike for days, months and years to come without the need to replace the tires again. That’s not all, even after being done with balance bikes, you can store the bike, without replacing the wheels, for the benefit  future kids.

Well, they say that a picture is worth more than a thousand words and therefore if you take a look at Strider Ultralight wheel, you will get a better understanding of what I am trying to put across. This balance bike replacement tire is readily available in the stores at pocket friendly prices. Why should you let your child’s bike get more damaged because of a tire? Get him or her a new Stride balance bike replacement tire!