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Big Blue Box is a simple app for toddlers with a farm theme that will teaches new words with a fun hide & seek concept.

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Big Blue Box is a simple app for young children that introduces them to animals and other items that can be found on a farm with a cute hide and seek type concept. The simple interface makes it easy for young children to tap the big blue box to see what or who is hiding behind. There is also a puzzle activity included for additional play.

Features include:

  • Hide & Seek concept
  • Puzzle
  • Farm theme


Big Blue Box is a simple app that is easy for children to use as they learn various animals and items that might be found on a farm. While there aren’t many extra bells and whistles, the developers have created an app that allows children to tap the blue box to see what is hiding behind it. With each tap a new part of the item or animal is revealed, which makes it really easy for young children to use. Each animal/item is also accompanied by a sound effect to add a bit of interest. The images are cartoon-like and well done though they do not have any added interactive functioning to them. Overall, Big Blue Box is a good quality app.


Big Blue Box not only introduces children to various farm items and animals, but it also provides an opportunity for children to learn new words and practice reading. After each animal/item are revealed, the word appears at the bottom of the page and the narrator reads it aloud which is great for early learners.


Children are able to not only learn a variety of words, but they will also enjoy the sound effect that accompany each image. The developers have also included an additional puzzle activity that allows children to select from 4, 9, 9, or 12 pieces to reassemble. Having this activity in addition to the more educational activity helps to keep little ones engaged as they play.


Priced at just under a dollar, this app is a great deal. While it is pretty simple as far as the activities and set-up go, it is still offered at a great price. I think parents will agree that this is a good app that small children will easily enjoy.

Child Friendliness

With no social media links or in app purchases, this app is very safe for kids to use. Parents also don’t have to worry about children getting stuck in any one area as the user interface is very easy to use. With simple tap and touch technology for the main activity and drag and drop for the puzzle activity, this app is one that young children can easily enjoy.

Big Blue Box is a simple app for toddlers with a farm theme that will teaches new words with a fun hide & seek concept.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars