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Kids are usually required to journal at school. At the elementary age, it’s the kind where they draw a small picture about the page of text they’ve written. Some love it, some not so much. If you have a child who loves to be creative, but isn’t so crazy about writing paragraphs of text, maybe because it’s too hard to think of topics to write about, Big Nate: Comix by U! may be the perfect tool to encourage them to write. Using Lincoln Peirce’s Big Nate artwork your child can create their own comics. Big Nate: Comix by U! HD is an iPad app that includes characters and backgrounds from the Big Nate series of books.

The app offers three ways to create comics; Story Starter, Fill in the Blanks and Start from Scratch. Multiple (and I mean multiple!) backgrounds, characters, close ups, word balloons, props and sound effects are available. The sound effects were a favorite at our house…

Story Starter provides the first two frames of the comic to help get you started, and then your child can complete the other pages as desired. They can choose from seven different comics.

Fill in the Blanks provides the comic pages complete with characters, backgrounds and speech bubbles. Your child can complete the speech bubbles. Characters, backgrounds and props can be changed. Seven comics are available to choose from.

Start from Scratch is just as it sounds; create the entire comic strip from scratch.

Comics can be saved to the Gallery or e-mailed to family and friends.

The app interface is easy to use, but just in case you would like a little extra help an in-app help is available. The nice thing about the help is that it provides instructions specific to the screen you were on when you pressed the help button. Background music does play throughout, but can be muted easily from a button at the top of the screen at any time.

Big Nate: Comix by U does contain external links for more apps and Big Nate books on the main page. They are designed in a way that your child may press them not realizing what they are for. Ideally these buttons should be designed and located in a way so as not to attract the child’s attention or they should be protected in some way that the child cannot access them. With these changes Big Nate: Comix by U! has five-star potential.

An iPhone version of Big Nate: Comix by U! is available in iTunes.

Bottom line

Big Nates: Comix by U is awesome, creative play with the potential of being educational, all at a reasonable price.
Create your own comix with art from BIG NATE! Big Nate, aka 6th grader Nate Wright, is a self-described genius, hilarious “king of detention” and cartoonist extraordinaire. Now just like Nate, YOU can create your own comix, using Lincoln Peirce’s art from the bestselling Big Nate book series.

With favorite characters, cool backgrounds from Nate’s world, and fun props and sound effects, kids (and adults!) will enjoy designing their very own Nate-inspired comic strips. Three different modes of play are available, for users of all levels. The number of different comix you can make is infinite, so the possibilities are endless. As Nate says, your comix will “surpass all others”!

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