Blocksworld HD Review


Do you have children who like building with blocks or Legos?  With the new Blocksworld HD app, kids can use their imagination and build their own 3D toys!  The app features a simple dragging and snapping system for building that can be enjoyed by children of various ages.  Basically, kids will build something, see their creation come to life, and then be able to play with it on screen!  I really like the concept of this app and think that kids who like to build will love it!

Using Blocksworld HD, kids can create various toys, animals, cars, planes and other objects in a matter of minutes.  Once kids have created their objects, they can play with their 3D creations in a variety of action-packed games.  There are a variety of building games and puzzles for children to play through.  Kids will love the freedom they have when building…there are cubes, wedges, rockets, motors, wheels and other parts to use when creating.  Yes, you can power your creations using rockets, lasers, wheels and more!  Kids can even add “action rules” which can create advanced robots and games.  Creations can be stylized using various colors and stickers, too.  Of course, kids can share their creations in the online community, as well as explore the community to see what others have created.

This app is free to download and kids can visit the in-game store to claim a new free gift every day.  There are now new ways to get blocks and other surprises for free, too.  Kids can earn free coins when their creations are picked for the Featured page.

I really enjoyed the Blocksworld HD app.  I have a son who is almost 3 years old, and he already likes to try and build with this app (with my help).  I would definitely recommend this to parents who have children that enjoy building with blocks and Legos, or enjoy games like Minecraft.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.