Boys and Girls In The Great Outdoors

We live in a modern society that encourages everyone to do what they love. Boys can be nurturing and caring, they can love to cook and sew. Girls are encouraged to get outdoors. Experience hiking, camping, and other activities that used to be boys only. We accept that what we provide for our sons to experience their passions, we provide for our daughters as well.

Whether you have a son in the Boy Scouts or a daughter in the Campfire Girls, if they are going to be hiking they need quality hiking boots. This protects their feet and helps them stay safe. is a supplier that can answer all of your questions about the type, style, and quality of a hiking boot.


When our children join their scout troops, they learn values that can get them through life. They learn to share and to be honest. They learn that hard work brings sweet rewards. They are taught to work as a team. They earn badges as they pass levels in their group. This is where things separate.

The troops for boys usually offers activities that are traditionally male. This is things like tying knots in a rope, setting a trap, fishing, and how to make a fire. The girls usually enjoy artwork. This means the troop leader is busy finding craft ideas. Both troops learn how to administer first aid, how to identify plants that will hurt you and what to do if they become lost.


Many people go on with the scouts for life. They become troop leaders to help nurture the next generation. The support these leaders and mature students lend is amazing. In a world where many kids are latchkey kids and or they are being raised in one-parent homes, the scouts fill in the void. They offer that shoulder when the kid is learning courage. They hold them steady when they are learning being held accountable.

Being a scout is being part of something greater than yourself. There is no bullying in the scouts. The scouts stand together and stand for what they have been taught. There is no child less valuable than the other. The uniform is the same, regardless of where you come from.

No Bullies

Bullies are not a new thing. There have always been bullies and there will always be bullies. Hurting people, hurt other people. The Boy Scouts have addressed this problem for years. They actually have a crime prevention badge that the scouts must earn. This teaches the child how to handle bullies and how to help someone who feels the pain of being a victim. If there were more children in the scouts, there surely would be fewer bullies in the streets.

As stated, it doesn’t matter if you have sons or daughters. We live in a world of opportunity that opens doors for all who want to enter. We are only as strong as our weakest link. That is the concept that these organizations were built on and that is the concept young scouts will carry on.