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Build Cars with Edward and Arthur is a universal app that has you helping two adorable characters build some of the most unique cars I have ever seen, and driven. An important note to those of you using the original iPad, though this is a universal app it is unfortunately not working on the original iPad at this time.

Designed for kids ages 3-7, this app has a very simple interface. Most users will intuitively know to drag the car parts to the frame of the car and then the only other button on the screen is to test drive your creation. The app does not contain settings or options, social media buttons or external links making this a kid-safe environment.

With more than 30 different car parts imagine the cars you can build; one can even use a toilet seat or park bench as the driver’s seat! The concept of the game is to build cars using the many combinations of parts, test out the vehicle picking up stars as you round the track. The more stars you earn, the more parts you receive which enables you to build even more cars. It is very easy to earn additional stars, which is how it should be for a kids game. Stars are not only earned on the test track, but also by the combination of parts used to build cars; such as the pink car, if you use all of the pink parts, three stars will be rewarded.

The cars will drive differently depending on the parts you choose. For example, you may go faster with regular car tires instead of the tractor-sized tires, but the tractor tires may be good for snow or mud. Another instance is on one track you will need to build a very light car in order to cross the bridge, which if you succeed, you will be rewarded with five stars.

One test track is available initially with two more to unlock as you earn more stars. As you round the track collecting stars, don’t forget to watch your gas gauge and stop in to fuel up.

Edward and Arthur are absolutely adorable characters, the 3D graphics, realistic sounds, and fun music make it such a great experience you will have a hard time stopping.

If you do not own an iPad, you can still enjoy Build Cars with Edward and Arthur. I was a bit skeptical, after first testing the app on our iPad, of how easy the test track would be to use on the smaller screen. Surprisingly, the app is easy to use on the smaller screen of an iPod, too. According to the information from the developer, the app works on the two newest versions of iPads, iPhones 3G and above, and the iPods 3rd generation and above.

Bottom line

Who knew building cars could be so fun! Build Cars with Edward and Arthur is a fantastic app that will entertain kids of all ages.
Build Cars is an creative and fun game where you can create thousands of unique, crazy and fantastical cars and then test-drive them on the race track.

Nice 3d-rendered graphics and sound make the cars look and feel like real miniature cars and depending on what parts you use the car will behave different when driving. You’ll need better tires to splash through mud, bigger engine to go faster etc.

While playing you’ll collects stars, that unlocks more car parts, and even additional race tracks with new challenges!

This game is awesome for kids 3-7 years old, and is available for both iPads and iPhones. While the app contains some text it is designed to be played by non-readers. The goal for me was to create a game that parents will enjoy playing together with their child.

Here you can see a video showing the game:

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